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Zhanjiang's companies to expand overseas operations

[2016-11-29 07:51]

Zhanjiang-based Guangdong Yuehai Feed Group, one of the largest aquatic feed producers in the country, plans to invest in Vietnam and India to tap into those markets.

Expanding Silk Road biz, trade cooperation

[2016-11-02 07:27]

The 2016 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo held last week, provided a platform to promote the expanding economic and trade cooperation between Chinese enterprises and those from 21st Century Maritime Silk Road countries.

Unmanned combat drone to be exported

[2016-11-01 07:43]

China has granted an export license for the CH-5 reconnaissance/combat drone, which is believed to be one of the most powerful unmanned combat aircraft in the world.

Industry experts: Traditional media needs tech boost

[2016-10-31 08:21]

Traditional media organizations should adopt more internet-based technologies in a fast-changing and challenging environment by providing valuable content for readers, according to industry insiders.

Guangzhou's Tianhe district lays out big plans to attract companies

[2016-10-26 10:44]

Guangzhou's Tianhe district will focus on expanding its financial industry, and will continue to improve the business environment to attract companies to set up headquarters there in the next five years.

DJI's drones to home in on specific industries

[2016-10-25 07:50]

DJI, China's largest commercial drone manufacturer, is planning to launch drones for specific industries, after unveiling its first agricultural drone last year.

BYD signals jump from electric cars to monorails

[2016-10-21 07:13]

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD is entering the railway transportation market with its announcement of plans to build a monorail service in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen maker spaces offer tools, technology and training to entrepreneurs

[2016-10-13 08:26]

The competition between so-called "maker spaces" and incubators is becoming fiercer as their numbers have surged remarkably in recent years.

Li vows anew to ease market access

[2016-10-13 08:02]

Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Wednesday to further lower the threshold to market access for business startups and innovative companies in a bid to create more jobs.

Apple to open 2nd China R&D center in Shenzhen

[2016-10-13 06:59]

Apple Inc will set up its second China research and development center in Shenzhen next year, to strengthen ties with local manufacturing partners, as the US tech giant struggles with mounting competition and declining smartphone sales.

Zhanjiang chambers of commerce hold annual meeting in Beijing

[2016-10-12 15:03]

The meeting, with themes of cooperation, win-win solutions, inclusion and development, is being held outside Zhanjiang for the first time.

NXP to strengthen R&D for China's self-driving industry

[2016-10-12 14:06]

After the merger of Freescale, NXP Semiconductors, the world's top chip maker for auto industry, recently organized its first NXP FTF tech forum in China, showcasing the latest tech breakthroughs in variety of hotly discussed sectors, including autonomous vehicles, mobile payment security and internet of things.

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