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Foreigners celebrate the Chinese New Year in Yancheng

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Marina and Andrea from Venezuela and Taji from Kazakhstan came to work in Jianhu county of Yancheng last year. The Year of the Sheep is the first Spring Festival for them in Yancheng. The three foreigners felt the warmth of family atmosphere in Yancheng during the festival.

In New Year's dinner held by the company they work, Taji performed acrobatics, Andrea sang a Chinese song and Marina showed her Chinese kungfu skills. Their performances won warm applause from their Chinese colleagues.

The three foreigners can speak fluent Chinese and they can use Chinese chopsticks. Meanwhile, they also have abundant knowledge about Chinese culture. They have fit into the Chinese elements quite well.

Talking about the impression of the Chinese New Year, three foreigners said that they felt very happy. During the Spring Festival, they can see weddings almost every day. "If I am to get married, I will choose the Spring Festival for wedding," said Taji with a smile.

Andrea said that she missed her home very much but she had a lot of Chinese friends. She happily raised her phone and said, "During the Spring Festival, I received blessings from Chinese friends every day."

Foreigners celebrate the Chinese New Year in Yancheng

Marina (left)and Andrea(right) from Venezuela and Taji(center) from Kazakhstan enjoy their visit to Jiangsu. [Photo/]

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