Komatsu’s new excavators at bauma China

Updated: 2014-11-17 10:37

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Komatsu China will display eight products at the outdoor E6 stand at bauma China 2014, including traditional excavators, hybrid excavators and wheel loaders. Five of them are all-new models, covering PC110-8M0, PC130-8M0, PC300-8M0, PC360-8M0 and HB205-1M0.

Komatsu plans to upgrade all its products by 2015 to meet China’s newest non-road emission standard in order to fulfill its social responsibility, said a source with the company.

The new excavators have been greatly improved upon, with many new assemblies and functions, including a hydraulic system, engines, an undercarriage system, working equipment and an ECO guidance function. All the new 8M0 series excavators are equipped with high-pressure common rail engines with high fuel efficiency and high durability because they have better combustion systems and higher injection pressure.

In order to adapt to the present fuel quality and conditions in the Chinese market, the new excavators all protect their fuel systems and intake systems by adopting fuel pre-filters with water separation and a higher performance main fuel filter, an air pre-filter and a breathing valve in both the fuel tank and hydraulic oil tank. The unique CLSS system (Closed Center Load Sensing System) has also been upgraded to reduce internal loss to save fuel and achieve higher productivity.

Komtrax, the Komatsu tracking system, has been upgraded, adopting a higher definition monitor and adding many new functions, such as ECO guidance. The monitor will be able to display pop up information, such as, “stop the engine when idling to prevent hydraulic oil relief,”. This will remind the operator to operate economically and also correct any bad habits. As for the new hybrid excavator, which is the third generation hybrid excavator from Komatsu, it is more powerful and more productive with a factory integrated hybrid system.

Komatsu’s new excavators at bauma China

During the downturn of the construction machinery industry, Komatsu refuses to allow a drop in quality. It will not change the high pressure common rail engine back to a traditional mechanical control engine or downgrade configuration to cut costs, but will continue going forward to upgrade products with advanced technologies because Komatsu sticks to a simple philosophy when developing its products — maintain a dedication to quality. Komatsu will not sacrifice product quality for market share or profits whatever the market situation is. Komatsu sold more than 35,000 units of the 8 and 8M0 series excavators last year, which were highly praised by the Chinese market and many customers.

Komatsu will never cease in their pursuit of technology progress. They have launched the Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control(iMC)products, including both bulldozers and excavators in developed markets—Japan, US and Europe. They have launched the same product in China. Their new products include Komatsu third generation hybrid excavator HB205-1M0 that is based on iterations of Komatsu hybrid experience. It is the result of years of Komatsu research and development exemplifying the company’s firm commitment to quality, reliability and environmental stewardship.

Komatsu was the first in the industry to introduce a hybrid excavator. Since that introduction in 2008, the company has sold more than 2,500 hybrid excavators worldwide. The HB205-1M0 has an increased operating weight of 20,200 kilograms and a bucket capacity range of 0.80 to 0.94 m3. A new ECO guidance function helps reduce fuel consumption as well as operating costs.

Komatsu best-selling product PC360-8M0 inherits all the advantages of the previous models, including high reliability and high durability, while improving on some of the negative aspects, such as high engine oil consumption. The PC360-8M0 has an increased operating weight of 33,550 kilograms and a bucket capacity of 1.60 m3 in four different styles.

All these new excavators feature high productivity, high fuel efficiency and high reliability and adopt up-to-date engine technology, hydraulics and ICT. Based on the previous models, the engine horsepower of PC360-8M0 excavator is increased, significantly reducing engine oil consumption and improving engine reliability and durability. At the same time, it increases productivity. Besides, various fuel-saving technology is adopted in PC360-8M0, resulting in a decrease in fuel consumption and integrated Komatsu up-to-date ICT technology.

Komatsu’s all-new excavator PC130-8M0 is more efficient, has lower fuel consumption, higher reliability and more advanced technology. The machine, which is devoted to improving productivity and lowering fuel consumption, has been developed and launched in the Chinese market. The PC130-8M0 has an operating weight of 12,500 kilograms and a bucket capacity range 0.53 to 0.64 m3.

Komatsu PC130-8M0 hydraulic excavator adopts a more powerful and environmental-friendly engine with net output 94.7 PS, increasing by about 5 percent compared with previous models, fully upgrades the main assemblies of hydraulic system and integrated Komatsu up-to-date ICT, Information and Communication Technology, technology — ECO guidance. In order to deal with the varying fuel quality in China, it protects the fuel supply system and intake system of engine meticulously, installing high efficiency water-separation and impurity-filtering fuel pre-filter and air pre-filter, ensuring high reliability and durability.

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