Air source water heater ushers in new era

Updated: 2013-11-14 12:43


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Jiangsu Tenesun Co has launched an air source water heater to meet the demand for hot water and environment protection.

Air source water heater ushers in new era

As a fourth generation water heater, the air source heat pump water heater is a new product in the green energy industry. An air source heat pump water heater uses a refrigerant system to absorb heat from outside air and warm cold water through a heat exchanger, regardless of weather. It can be used in a wide range of circumstances. The air source heat pump water heater absorbs heat from low-grade heat sources through an evaporator and stores the heat as refrigerant gas. The gas is then compressed, and the compression increases the temperature of the gas. The gas passes through a pressure valve into heat exchanger coils. There, the hot refrigerant gas condenses back to a liquid and transfers the stored latent heat to water. The cycle repeats to create hot water.

Energy conservation is the biggest advantage of air source water heaters. It uses only one-fourth of electric water heater, one-third of gas water heater, and half of solar water heater. Apart from energy conservation, the heaters are safe because water and electricity are separated to prevent electric leakage. In addition, the air source water heaters are freeze-proof and easily installed. They also have a long service life and offer stable temperature controls.

Jiangsu Tenesun Co, an exhibiting company of the 15th China Hi-Tech Fair, can be found at booth 9D02.