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Online shopping cuts number of blood donations

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-07-21 08:14

Online shopping cuts number of blood donations

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday stressed that voluntary, unpaid blood donations must be increased rapidly in more than half of the world's countries.[Photo/Xinhua]

THE HEALTH authorities in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, have moved the city's mobile blood donating clinics from the downtown shopping streets to the railway stations. This is because the popularity of online shopping means fewer people are going to these streets to shop. Beijing Youth Daily commented on Wednesday:

At first glance, it would seem there is no relation between online shopping and blood donation. But one of the mobile blood donation clinics that was located in the city center reported 100 donors a day in the past but that figure had dropped to 20 or 30.

As online shopping is popular at the moment and the number of people going shopping in physical stores is declining, such proactive measures are necessary to encourage people to donate blood.

But having said this, more original methods are needed. Perhaps a "door-to-door" approach can be used, stationing the mobile blood clinics by government buildings, offices, factories, residential areas and other crowded places. The increased visibility of the mobile blood donation clinics will secure the recognition and support of potential donors.

The health authorities should also consider taking an "Internet Plus" approach. For example, using social media to announce the location of blood donation clinics in advance to let those who live or work nearby know they will be in the area.

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