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Why are people so crazy about the iPhone 6?

By A_Blue_Sky ( Updated: 2014-10-29 15:07

A few days ago, my cellphone (huawei) was damaged when I accidentally dropped it in the water. As I missed being able to keep in touch with my friends, colleagues and my students’ parents, I went to an electrical center the next day to buy a new one (vivo). When I posted a status, “I got a new cell phone”, on my Wechat, all of my friends replied: “Got a Plus (as in the iPhone 6 Plus)?” I answered: “God! I love my kidney.”

Since Apple products entered the global market, some Apple fans have been extremely crazy about iPads or iPhones. While some people are lining up at Apple stores all over the world, the iPhone6 is still a luxury for others.

The iphone6’s release in different countries has had a great influence on people’s lives. Here are some examples:

While covering the Apple store’s most recent products last month, some Chinese headlines read: “Have you got your kidney already?”. That’s why I replied to my friends, “I don’t want to sell my kidney”. Apple products are hugely popular in China, but the price is beyond the reach of many Chinese. Therefore, the media in China began to refer to the iPhone6 as a kidney. Nevertheless, selling kidneys to buy an iPhone, or pay a ransom for a kidnapping, has been reported on occasion in China. Does the iPhone6 play a more important role in your life than your health?

Have you heard the news about Chinese people lining up at Apple stores in the United States? Chinese living in America have been waiting in line at the Apple store from dawn to midnight to buy the iPhone6. A Chinese woman was arrested by police for disrupting the public orders of America. We have a right to buy products, however, we should pay attention to our behavior and manners and advocate rational consumption when shopping.

There are some ridiculous and funny videos about the iPhone6 that I have seen on PPTV. There is one that shows that while a reporter is interviewing a young American guy who just bought an iPhone6, a thief riding a motorcycle robs his “kidney”.

Why are some people obsessed with Apple products (iPhone6)? What are the reasons behind choosing an iPhone6?

Here are some possible reasons: Apple released their iPhone6 with their own unique operating system (IOS); iphone6 has an exquisite appearance and is made with the best materials; it has a high connection speed of up to 150Mbps; it has lots of new functions (a resolution 1334*750 pixel,A8,NFC,etc.) and so on. It’s obvious that the first choice for people is the iPhone6. But I don’t think these are the main elements behind their choice.

As we all know, the price of the iPhone6 is so high that most people cannot afford it. Some Apple fans rack their brains to figure out many methods to get an iPhone 6, like selling a kidney or simply stealing the phone. Why would they do that?

Nowadays, the iPhone6 is a symbol of the rich man. Some people who own an iPhone6 or 6 Plus compare themselves with the wealthy. Comparison is an extremely negative emotion and a psychological flaw. We should adjust our consumer mentality and face the real world.

This is a kind of vanity. Don’t let vanity come over all of you. Buy what you need, don’t waste your precious time and the money you worked hard to earn.

The iphone6 is fantastic, expensive, amazing and convenient and fast. It’s hugely popular around the globe. Everyone wants one, but I suggest that people not go with the wave. Rather, we should have correct ideas and values towards life.  

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