Rich youths behave like warlords

Updated: 2011-09-21 07:54

(China Daily)

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Media reports say that Wang Shuo, the son of rich parents in Beijing, owns firearms illegally and has used them to damage property and threaten other people. With one scandal about the rich following another, it's time the rich and famous started behaving like responsible citizens, says an article in the Beijing News. Excerpts:

After an accident between two cars near Wangfujing in Beijing on the night of Dec 27, 2010, Wang Shuo, one of the drivers, stepped out of his vehicle and held a gun to head of the other driver, who happened to be Wang Ke, another rich man.

Days ago, the son of Li Shuangjiang, a famous singer, beat up a couple in another car after their cars collided with each other.

Both incidents involved rich and famous people, and in both cases the basic norms of society were violated.

The sons of some rich people and high-ranking officials have become a public hazard. Even though they have received "good" education abroad, they are devoid of all noble sense, found wanting in courtesy and have been involved in illegal activities.

Their aggressive, anti-social and violent behaviors are a blot on society, have soiled their families' image and disturbed public order. There is no doubt that their actions are rooted in the privilege they enjoy.

According to media reports, Wang Shuo, and the son of Li Shuangjiang and sons of other rich men had a bad public record even before the incidents that drew people's attention, and surprisingly most of them have not been punished yet.

Although some of the cases are sub judice and cannot be discussed at public forums, they are still widely discussed online. Many people think that if the media had not highlighted the incidents, the authorities would not have intervened. This shows that the government has to take appropriate and urgent measures to promote social justice.

(China Daily 09/21/2011 page9)