Unnecessary creation of waste

Updated: 2011-09-21 07:54

(China Daily)

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Chen Guangbiao, an entrepreneur who is also known as a "philanthropist", has suggested the authorities raise oil prices and parking fees drastically to reduce the use of cars. He has even tried to prove he is an "environmentalist" by smashing his Mercedes-Benz car. But Chen should know that there are better ways to protect the environment, says an article in Qilu Evening News. Excerpts:

Chen Guangbiao's actions, such as smashing his Mercedes-Benz, and suggestion to raise oil prices and parking fees, seem to promote green living. In reality, however, they are more like a show by a "performing artist" and a naked display of his wealth.

A company's first social responsibility is wise use of resources. But when Chen smashed his Mercedes-Benz, he not only squandered resources, but also generated waste unnecessarily which violates the basic norms of the environment.

He could have donated the car as charity to be used for the benefit of the poor, instead of generating industrial rubbish.

Chen has said that if his action can "inspire" other businesspeople not to buy cars that emit greenhouse gases, it can save millions or even billions of yuan in terms of environmental protection.

But people doubt if his action will bear results because he cannot change other people's ways.

Chen has reportedly said that he would smash a BMW next year to promote environmental protection. If he really does so, his image as a "philanthropist" will be tarnished further. We need genuine action from committed people rather than show-offs to protect the environment.

(China Daily 09/21/2011 page9)