Wudang Kungfu slides


Here's a series of Wudang Kungfu photos.

Characteristics of Wudang kungfu


It is guided by Taoist theories such as Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, Five Elements and Eight Diagram boxing.

Zhang Sanfeng, a legendary culture hero


A legendary culture hero, Zhang Sanfeng is credited by modern practitioners as having originated the concepts of neijia; soft, internal martial arts, specifically Tai Chi Chuan.

Wudang Inner School Boxing


Wudang Inner School Boxing, which originated on Wudang Mountain, is already known in China and abroad as the mountain’s natural scenery and majestic ancient building.

Taiji Sword of Wudang Mountain


Like Taiji boxing, the Taiji swordsmanship has the advantage of “overwhelming the hard by the soft” and “attacking the moving power with static force.”



Qigong is a health-oriented art involving the body and mind that helps prevent disease and cures illnesses, making life more pleasant.

Wudang kungfu schools


If you want to experience the mysteries of Wudang kungfu, here are masters and three schools we recommend.

The Way to Wudang


Hubei province's Wudang Mountain is a Mecca for Taoists and martial arts pilgrims keen to learn the way of the fist and tai chi, Zhu Linyong reports

Wisdom of life through martial arts


Wudang Kungfu, an important school of Chinese Martial Arts, has a very long history. Chinese martial arts of all sorts have a long history and a great diversity of methods and styles.

Categories of traditional Taoist treatment methods


Tao literally means ‘way,’ but can also be interpreted as road, channel or path. Taoists believe that the ‘way’ one can attain immortality is through exercise and self-cultivation.



This form of martial arts is connected with Taoism, which emphasizes cultivating a regimen that helps prolong life.

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