Characteristics of Wudang kungfu

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Updated: 2011-07-15

The characteristics of Wudang kungfu are as follows:

1. It is guided by Taoist theories such as Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, Five Elements and Eight Diagram boxing.

The Taoists fused Confucianism, Buddhism with Taoism with upheld loyalty and filial piety The Taoist used inner martial arts to put its theories of “overcoming the hard with the soft and controlling the moving with the still” into practice.

2. Wudang kungfu is based on routine and technique.

The art emphasizes both body and mind, the changing of Yin and Yang, the combination of action and inaction. It pays close attention to external functions including the exercise of hands, eyes, body, skill and steps. It also stresses the importance of internal functions: the mind, spirit, breath and strength. Every gesture or motion is connected to one’s physiology and mentality. Wudang kungfu can stimulate blood circulation and enrichment relaxes the muscles, regulate breath; nourish the five internal organs and rebuild the body and mind.

3. The art of attack is only used as self-defense mechanism.

Taoists are advocates of peace; they try to convince people to reason via fair persuasion, not power. Taoism also promotes harmony among people and making progress together.

4. Strict disciplines.

There are taboos and commandments for followers and adherents that must be obeyed. Those who choose to disobey, are usually subject to blame and punishment. For serious offenses, a person is beaten with a rod or expelled to the mountain.

5. In accordance with nature, Wudang boxing stresses soft movements and flexibility.

Each posture embodies some kind of round, circle, or spinning action. Take Tai Chi as an example. The body must move using the waist as an axle and the whole body is driven with circular motions. The art exhibits the beauty of the power, flexibility and strength as well as the infinite supply of the vitality and vigor.


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