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Updated: 2011-07-12

Tourist souvenirs

Swords: Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of Wudang boxing and swordsmanship. Wudang swordsmanship provides protection for oneself and one’s health. Depending on the sword’s quality, they can be classed in three types: hard, soft, and traditional Wushu. The length may range from 0.5 to 1.2 meters, depending on whether it is a seven-star sword, couple sword, or safe-keeping sword.

Wudang turquoise: It is shaped like a pine nut and is also called turkey stone, peacock, and eastern jade. Its color ranges from sky blue to green, based on the amount of copper and iron. Turquoise is said to be good for the lungs and for treating breathing difficulties as well as eye diseases. Some Europeans believe that turquoise can prevent falls, so it is the best stone for travelers. It is also supposed to keep one’s property safe. It can be used as a gift to bless others and maintain love and friendship. Couples can give it to each other to bring happiness and success.

Special stamps: these contain the following pictures: autumn on the South Crag, snowy scenery at Purple Heaven Palace, spring on the Prince Slope, and morning scenery at the Golden Summit, The date of issuance is May 26, 2001.

In addition, the Chinese Philately Company issued 16 Chinese Wudang wushu stamps, on June 28, 2003, which come in an album.

The provincial postal bureau and the Philately Company have also issued golden and silver foil stamps of Wudang Mountain as well as several volumes of post cards on Chinese Taoist culture, famous Taoist mountains and Chinese charm-- Wudang Mountain.

Gold and silver commemorative coins: The People's Bank of China issued a set of two World Heritage of Wudang Mountain Ancient Architectural Complexes gold and silver commemorative coins on June 6, 2010. They have the national emblem of the People's Republic of China, and issuing date and were minted by the Shenyang and Shanghai mints, and sold by China’s gold coin company. They have a face value of 100 yuan for the gold, which is 99.9 percent pure. The maximum mintage is 30 coins. The silver coin has a face value of 10 yuan and is 99.9 percent pure. Maximum mintage is 60,000.

Walking stick: Wudang Mountain has high quality arbor trees, with roots in different shapes and the perfect material for walking sticks. In the hands of the right craftsman, those materials can be made into various kinds of sticks, in different shapes, such as the longevity stick, dragon-head stick, and phoenix-head. These are not just pieces of art work but also practical for mountaineers or the elderly.

Replicas: these include copper statues of the gog Zhenwu (one of the most influential Taoist deities), Tai Shang Lao Jun, the legendary god of wealth, Guanyin, Zhang Sanfeng (a semi-mythical Taoist master), and different types of censers, candle holders, celestial lamps, lampshades and vases..

Amulets: there are many types of amulets in various shapes that can be worn on a necklace or tucked away in a pocket. Most of them are made of copper or jade.

The copper amulet has the god Zhenwu, Guanyin, and the 12 zodiac animals of a 12-year cycle. They are round with Zhenwu or Guanyin on one side, and the 12 zodiac animals on the other. Tourists can buy one that fits their birth year and get their name and the date of the visit engraved on it.

The copper amulet card is rectangular and very thin with Zhenwu or Guanyin on one side, the Taoist scriptures on the other.

The jade amulets are small and usually have one of the 12 animals or Guanyin on them.

Home-protection talisman: this is supposed to keep people safe at home and is made of copper in a round shape, 0.1 to 0.3 meter in diameter. One side has the god Zhenwu with a sword and the four Chinese characters “Zhen Zai Zhi Bao” , meaning “keep the residents safe” and the other has Taoism scriptures.

Safety bell: this is made of copper and comes in different sizes with a red line attached. The ringing of the bell indicates that everything is safe.

Safety belt: a red belt about one meter long and 0.02 meter wide, with of the symbols of yin and yang and the eight trigrams in the middle. It has the Chinese characters for “Climbing Wudang Mountain” which are supposed to keep people safe.

San Feng badges: this is round and 0.03 meter in diameter. In the middle is Zhang Sanfeng with a bamboo hat. Mostly, Wudang wushu fanciers wear this.

Local specialties

Tea: Wudang has good natural conditions, abundant rainfall, and a mild, moist climate, and its tea comes in many types, such as silver sword, zhenjin, taihe and qifeng, all of them famous in China.

Fungi: these are a type of health food, containing iron, calcium and vitamins that have the effect of clearing lung-heat, promoting blood circulation, and preventing cancer.

One particular mushroom is tasty and rich in nutrition and is called the king of mushrooms. It has the effect of reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure and preventing cirrhosis of the liver and cancer.

Potherbs: a series of products that come in two kinds, dried and fresh. There are fern fronds, beans, bamboo shoots, purslane, daylily, kudzu vine flowers, and dried turnip, all of which contain amino acids and microelements.

Liquor: very pure and comes in different flavors.

Oranges: a famous product from around the Dan Jiangkou Reservoir, with a lot of juice and high sugar content.

Kiwi fruit: depending on the color, it comes in two types, yellow and green, with the yellow being the best. They both have a delightful taste and are nutritious, with calcium, magnesium, potassium, and chromium and prevent cancer. They are suitable for both the elderly and children.

White fruit: the fruit of the gingkgo,, which is high in nutrition, so it is also called longevity fruit or auspicious fruit. The gingko leaves can be used to treat hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Other local specialties include bamboo shoots, honey dates, Chinese chestnut, honey, and hawthorn.

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