Wudang Mountains' Shengzhen Rocks


We are fortunate to have Liu Zhijie, a Taoist and member of Baiyi School founded by Zhang Sanfeng) as our guide and begin on Wulao Peak, on March 30, after driving from Qiongtai to the village of Dawan. .

The History of Wudang Kung Fu


Zhang-Sanfeng, the founder of Wudang Internal Boxing, was a famous Wudang Taoist from Wudang Mountain who lived during the transition period between the Yuan and Ming dynasties.

Unsinkable Spirits in Shennong Xi


Near naked bodies, taut tanned muscles, and skin glistening with sweat. No, this is not describing my local gym but a scene that greeted us on tour this summer. With infectious smiles and the buzz of industry they milled around - standing, crouching, but all working to ready their sleek craft for action.

From Xian to Mt. Wudangshan


This is how I got from Xian to Wudang shan via bus. It was an awesome trip with beautiful scenery from the time we got out of Xian (that took almost an hour).

Paying a visit to Mt.Wudang from Zhangjiajie


Mt.Wudang is famous for its Taoist buildings. It is the first reason I decide to go there. For the second reason, I am a fan of Jin Yong’s Kungfu novels. Mt.Wudang has been mentioned a lot in the Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber. Thus, I am planning to explore Zhang Sanfeng and his Taijiquan (shadow boxing).

Thoughts from a series of 'Chinesecapades'


I would say my experiences in China are a delightful mix of excitement, amusement and enlightenment, which I have already archived as one of my fondest memories that I will always be happy to speak of.

Wudang with panache


Wudang is more than just another martial arts Mecca in China. They say "seeing is believing", and inspired by all those kungfu movies I was weaned on, I decided to experience the fascinating attractions of Wudang Mountain.

Wudang epiphany


Wudang Mountains in Hubei province, known for their Taoist monasteries as well as spawning a martial arts style popular the world over, are worth days of exploration.

Brush up on history with Kingdom of Chu excursion


Chu produced the tragic figure of Qu Yuan, poet extraordinaire and a failed statesman who drowned himself when his Cassandra-like warning went unheeded.

Stories carved in stone


A collector of Han Dynasty bricks engraved with ancient scenes reconstructs a picture of the past.

Breathe in, work out


The old saying about the power of kungfu coming from within holds true when it comes to Wudang's martial arts.

Divine views from Golden Summit


The snow-capped Golden Summit is the peak attraction of Wudang Mountains, in Hubei province.While it is said it took Zhen Wu 42 years of self-cultivation to become immortal, the Golden Summit bears testimony to the everlastingness of his legacy.

Unrestored stairway to heaven


Purple Cloud Palace's appeal is primarily colored by fantastic feng shui.

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