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Mechanized cleaning vessel serves in Tianjin Port


The Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau brought in the Environmental Protection VI multifunction professional cleaning vessel in Tianjin Port and all port enterprises nation-wide.

Tianjin explores new greenery pattern


The construction of the nursery garden at Beigang Road in the Tianjin Port area has passed its acceptance check.

Maiden voyage of CSCL Globe starts at Tianjin Port


The China Shipping Container Lines Co launched the maiden voyage for its largest container ship, named CSCL Globe, at Tianjin Port on Dec 2.

Tianjin port becomes major grain importer in N China


China's Administration of Quality Supervision National Bureau of Quality Inspection recently released a total of 58 qualified grain import ports, including Qinhuangdao Port, Tangshan Port, and Dalian Port.

Tianjin speeds up construction of Dongjiang bonded zone


The city of Tianjin in northern China is speeding up the construction of the Dongjiang bonded zone, in the northeast of Tianjin Port, due to its fast growth in new businesses and construction projects.

Tianjin Port to build logistics center in Hebei province


The Tianjin Port Logistics Development Co. Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement on building a logistics center with Langfang Forward Industry Co. Ltd.,

Tianjin Port adds investment on Shenhua's dock


Tianjin Port Co will expand its share in the Tianjin Shenhua Coal Dock Co with a total of 630 million yuan ($103 million).


Located at the west coast of Pacific Ocean, west of Bohai bay and Haihe estuary, Tianjin port is on the intersection of Beijing and Tianjin metropolis and economic circle of Bohai rim zone.


Tianjin Port locates at the cross point of Beijing-Tianjin city band and Bohai Rim economic circle. It is the sea gate of Beijing, the important international trade port in northern China and the link to connect Northeast Asia and Central and West Asia.

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