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Tianjin Port explores new greenery pattern

By Liu Yiyi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2014-12-23

The construction of the nursery garden at Beigang Road in the Tianjin Port area has passed its acceptance check. It is recorded that the survival rate of the seedlings of the expansion project has exceeded 90 percent, which marks the success of the exploration and practice of the greenery project.

Tianjin Port started to launch the garden nursery construction project at Beigang Road in 2010. Filling the wasted gap with agricultural used soil and the remaining earth, an area of 17,000 square meters has been added to the original 27,000 square meters of nursery garden.

After completing the landfill, the construction team improved the earth quality by adding a certain ratio of chemicals according to the earth’s salt content and physical features. The earth quality improvement helped the filled in soil to reach the required standards for greenery, which replaced the process of earth purchased from other environments.

In addition, Tianjin Port cooperated with Tianjin University of Technology to launch a project to screen and store premium aspen seedlings to grow in the expanding area in 2011, serving to cultivate a full forest of aspen and establish green scenery along the road.


Yan Zheng contributed to this story.

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