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Mechanized cleaning vessel serves in Tianjin Port

By Liu Yiyi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2014-12-24

The Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau brought in the Environmental Protection VI multifunction professional cleaning vessel, which is the first mechanized cleaning vessel used in Tianjin Port and all port enterprises nation-wide.

The Environmental Protection VI is a multifunctional catamaran with a total length of 12 meters, a width of five meters, a depth of 1.8 meters, and a designed draught of 0.8 meters. The cleaning vessel is able to cover a width of ten meters when working.

It is said that the Environmental Protection VI is mainly used for collecting floating trash from the sea surface. Before, trash on the sea surface was collected manually, which was costly and inefficient.

The use of the Environmental Protection VI will change the cleaning format. Facilitated with mechanical hands at the head of the vessel, the cleaning vessel is able to collecting floating trash from the sea surface quickly into the vessel for further processing. For now, the Environmental Protection VI is under preparation and will be put into use directly after this process. The use of the Environmental Protection VI will greatly improve the cleaning efficiency and serve to construct a beautiful Tianjin Port.

Tianjin Port has actively pushed forward the first phase of the "Constructing the Beautiful Tianjin Port" project and has spared no effort in promoting the environment of Tianjin Port by improving its air quality, cleaning the river tunnel, managing the port area, and greening the area since February.

By establishing clean river tunnels, Tianjin Port has enhanced the environmental management of the sea surface, collected and cleaned floating trash, listed the water surface management into a daily routine, and developed a management system, which has effectively improved the aqua environment and guaranteed a clean sea surface.

The use of the Environmental Protection VI will provide strong support for the establishment of clean river tunnels and serve to push forward the construction of a beautiful Tianjin Port.


Yan Zheng, Zhai Xiaolong, Kong Lingguo, and Li Xinming contributed to the story.

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