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Tianjin to develop sea air combined transportation


Tianjin Port Holdings Co and Tianjin Binhai International Airport have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The airport is going to build a terminal building in Tianjin Port. In addition, both sides are trying to launch tourism products featuring sea air combined transportation.

Tianjin promotes combined air-seaway transport model


Tianjin Port (Group) Co and Tianjin Binhai International Airport signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote combined transport of its harbor and airport.

Beijing benefits from simplified customs procedures in Tianjin Port


When the imported cargo of a Beijing enterprise arrives at Tianjin Port, it can complete customs clearance in Beijing locally instead of in Tianjin.

7,000 Chilean dairy cows arrive in China


They run vigorously, though with little sense of right direction, bouncing left or right out of a Polaris ship. One month travel at sea left them no place of recognizing they have just traveled the longest distance, as living shipped animals.

Tianjin port projects get awards for low-carbon approach


Two projects implemented in Tianjin Port have been given the honorary title of first batch of green recycling and low carbon demonstration project by the Ministry of Transport.

Heavy horsepower tugboats drive Tianjin Port's growth


Traveling from the Yingkou Harbor in Northeast China's Liaoning province, the "New North XI", a heavy horsepower tugboat, has successfully arrived at the Dongtudi Wharf of Tianjin Port and has been brought into use immediately.

Tianjin Port's auxiliary channels start official operation


Two auxiliary channels along each side of the two main channels in Tianjin Port was put into use officially after a year’s trial run on Dec 26, 2014.


Located at the west coast of Pacific Ocean, west of Bohai bay and Haihe estuary, Tianjin port is on the intersection of Beijing and Tianjin metropolis and economic circle of Bohai rim zone.


Tianjin Port locates at the cross point of Beijing-Tianjin city band and Bohai Rim economic circle. It is the sea gate of Beijing, the important international trade port in northern China and the link to connect Northeast Asia and Central and West Asia.

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