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Tianjin port projects get awards for low-carbon approach

By Liu Yiyi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2015-01-15

Two projects implemented in Tianjin Port have been given the honorary title of first batch of green recycling and low carbon demonstration project by the Ministry of Transport.

One of the projects is about a cutting edge technology application to maintain the water depth in the facility center of Tianjin Port. The other is about the meshing management system of the facilities in the Port.

In 2013, Tianjin Port applied cutting edge technology on water depth maintenance in the dredging of the fairways, harbor basins, and the berths. Thanks to this technology, the water in the construction areas stayed clean. In addition, it conserved a total of 6,701 tons of standard coal annually, which has effected energy conservation.

Studying from the urban meshing management technology, the meshing management system of the facilities has set the meshing management of the facilities in the harbor as its basis and has seen the daily management in the harbor as the principal line.

Tianjin Harbor has also comprehensively realized a digitalized, internet-based, elaborated, and standardized harbor facility management system.

The meshing management system is serving to decrease the facility maintenance fee by three to five percent annually.



Yan Zheng contributed to this story.

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