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Maiden voyage of CSCL Globe starts at Tianjin Port


Updated: 2014-12-03

The China Shipping Container Lines Co launched the maiden voyage for its largest container ship, named CSCL Globe, at Tianjin Port on Dec 2.

Maiden voyage of CSCL Globe starts at Tianjin Port

The maiden voyage ceremony for container ship CSCL GLOBE is held at Tianjin Port on Dec 2. [Photo provided to China Daily]

CSCL Globe, built by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries, can carry 19,100 twenty equivalent-unit (TEU) containers.

The ship will call at the ports including Qingdao in Shandong province, Dalian in Liaoning province, Felixstowe in Britain, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Hamburg in Germany over 70 days.

"The maiden voyage of CSCL Globe marks Chinese shipping industry making a step toward to international stage," said Xu Lirong, chairman of China Shipping (Group) Company.

The ship, costing about $150 million, is 400 meters in length and 60 meters wide, with the designed drafts 14.5 meters.

Xu said CSCL has ordered five such ships, with the Globe being the first built.

"The new ship also is developing the practices needed to achieve low-emissions operating. It will save 20 percent fuel consumption, compared with the ship that carries around 10,000 containers."

CSCL, as one of the largest global container shipping, now offers nearly 80 shipping routes to the major international and domestic destinations covering Asia, Europe, America, West Africa and Australia.

According to the statistics from CSCL, up to mid-2014, the company’s 148 container ships are capable of carrying 656,000 TEU.

83 out of the 148 ships are above 4,000 TEU accounting for 86.4 percent of the total capacity.

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