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Guanghua Temple, a well-known Huayan Bodhimanda

Updated : 2014-12-09

Guanghua Temple is situated in the north of Yingfang village in Taihuai town, North China’s Shanxi province. It borders Pushou Temple in the north and a stream in the east and visitors can enjoy a broad view from the temple.

Guanghua Temple, a well-known Huayan Bodhimanda

Covering an area of 13,200 square meters, the temple has six halls and 60-plus rooms.

It is home to grand Buddha statues of the Three Great Beings—Guanyin (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy)in the middle, Mandjusri (or Wenshu Buddha,an avatar of the Buddha who represents transcendent wisdom) and Samantabhadra (Puxian) on both sides.

Guanghua Temple, a well-known Huayan Bodhimanda

The temple also boasts a rare 1-meter high, 0.5-meter wide stone, on which are carved the images of 16 anandas and is of artistic value.

It was a place where the Living Buddha Zhangjia lived and a well-known Huayan Bodhimanda on Mount Wutai.


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