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Updated : 2014-10-17

Mount Wutai is 370 km away from Beijing to its north; 180 km from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province, to its east; 200 km from Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, to its south.

Taihuai township, the center of the Mount Wutai Scenic Spot, is only 48 km away from the Wutaishan Railway Station and can be easily accessed by long-distance buses available in Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Dingzhou, Taiyuan, Datong, Suozhou and Xinzhou.

Self-driving guide:

If you drive from Beijing, Hebei or Tianjin, you can take the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway first, then drive through Fuping county (Hebei province) and Shiju township (Wutai county, Shanxi province) and get to Mount Wutai through the South Gate.

If you drive from Datong or Inner Mongolia, you can take the Datong-Yuncheng Expressway, then drive through Shahe township (Fanzhi county) and get to Mount Wutai through the North Gate. If you drive from Taiyuan or Xinzhou, you can drive through Xinzhou and Wutai county and get to Mount Wutai through the South Gate or the West Gate.

Beijing-Mount Wutai Route: Drive off the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway in Baoding (Hebei province), then past Shunping and Tangxian county along the provincial highway to Fuping and take the Wutaishan Highway

Taiyuan-Mount Wutai Route: Take the Yuanping-Taiyuan Expressway and the Qingshuihe Highway, then arrive at Taihuai township

Xinzhou-Mount Wutai Route: Xinzhou – Dingxiang – Hebian – Wutai township – Mount Mount Wutai

By air:

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport Airport shuttles between the airport and Taiyuan are available at the Ticket Office of Civil Aviation in Yingze Street in downtown Taiyuan.

Tourist buses to Mount Wutai are available at the East Taiyuan Long-Distance Bus Station. It is a four-hour trip.

Address: No. 32 Taiyu Road, Taiyuan

By train:

The Wutaishan Railway Station is located in Shahe township, Fanzhi county, 51 km away from Taihuai. Trains bound for Beijing, Taiyuan and Datong are available here. Tourists from Beijing can get to the Wutaishan Railway Station directly by train and then take a bus to Mount Wutai.

There are two trains bound for the Wutaishan Railway Station from Pingyao, Shanxi province. It is a five-hour trip. Tourists seeking to worship Buddha usually get off at Taihuai township. For hikers, it is good to get off at Hongmenyan Station and walk to Tainei of Mount Wutai before heading to Taihuai township. For returning trips, trains are also available, but the departure time is far from ideal because most of them depart at night and are extremely crowded. Tourists are advised to take long-distance buses back to Beijing.

By bus:

In most cases, tourists get to Mount Wutai by bus. Buses bound for Mount Wutai are available in major cities all over China.

The Wutaishan Long-Distance Bus Station is located between Taihuai township and Yangbai Valley, providing buses bound for Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan and Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Address: Wutai county, Xinzhou city, Shanxi province

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