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Shopping at Mount Wutai

Updated : 2014-10-21

Tourists are advised to buy some souvenirs of local characteristics.

Local art handicrafts:

Paper-cuts featuring folk customs

Lacquerware of various patterns boasting a long history

Wutai ink stones, both practical and exquisitely designed

Chengni ink stones, one of the four famous ink stones in China

Special local products:

Wutai mushrooms, as famous as the mushrooms produced in Zhangjiankou, Hebei province Wutai Codonopsis pilosula (a kind of ginseng) of fine quality Tongchuan pears, the "Golden Melon" in ancient times as well as an imperial tribute

Shopping street: Yanglin Commercial Street in Taihuai township, the center of the Mount Wutai area There are souvenir stores or shops at some tourist sites.

Tips: Price is negotiable when buying special local products.

Special local products: Baode dates, Chengni ink stones, Daixian paper-cuts, Daixian lacquerware, Fanzhi membranous milkvetch roots, Hequ Malus micromalus, carps growing in the Yellow River, Xianglong wooden walking sticks and bowls, Shujinsan (a traditional Chinese medicine), Wutai Codonopsis pilosula, Wutai mushrooms, Wutai ink stones and Tongchuan pears

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