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Xiantong Temple

Updated : 2014-10-20

Xiantong Temple
Xiantong Temple

This temple is the largest on Mount Wutai and one of China's earliest having been built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-220). It covers 8 hectares and contains more than 400 buildings, mostly from the Ming and Qing dynasties, with seven large ones along the central axis.

The Grand Hall, which covers 670 square meters, is Wutai's largest. It is a solemn, magnificent building with a heavy roof and overhanging eaves, decorated with carvings and colorful paintings. The Buddha statue inside is large and tall, also with splendid decorations. Wutai's major Buddhist activities are usually held in this hall, with monks from all the temples taking part.

Xiantong Temple
The Manjusri statue in Xiantong Temple

The Wuliang (Immeasurable) Hall is an excellent example of Chinese brick-and-stone architecture, with a height of 20 meters tall, a width of 28 meters and a length of 16 meters. On the outside there are seven rooms in two rows, and the inside has three rooms with a dome roof. It has delicate, magnificent carvings and is also known as Beamless Hall (Beamless is also pronounced "wuliang" in Chinese).

The front of the rear hall has a building with bronze castings, the Xiantong Bronze Hall, one of only three in China, built in the 37th year of the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty (1609), 8.3 meters highl, 4.7 meters wide and 4.5 meters long.


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