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Updated : 2014-10-17

Best travel time: April to October

Opening hours: 8:00am-6:00pm

Admission: 168 yuan ($27.40) each in high season; 140 yuan each in low season

In summer, the Mount Wutai area is very humid and rains frequently, therefore, rainwear or umbrellas are necessary for tourists. When visiting Mount Wutai in spring or autumn, tourists need to take sweaters and wool underpants. If visitors want to climb to the East Peak to watch the sunrise, it is necessary to rent a cotton-padded overcoat. All tourists visiting Mount Wutai in their own cars in winter have to take the following route, Xinzhou – Dingxiang – Wutaishan county – Rucun yownship – South Gate of Mount Wutai, instead of entering Mount Wutai through the West Gate or the North Gate, which involves steep roads and many turns.

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