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Updated : 2014-10-17

Wufeng Hotel

Located in the heart of the Mount Wutai tourist attraction, a Buddhist sacred place, the hotel covers an area of 26,800 square meters and has a floor area of 20,000 square meters. There are 350 medium and high-grade suites with more than 700 beds. The whole hotel is uniquely designed and boasts an excellent atmosphere. Various rooms are provided, ranging from a presidential suite, deluxe suites, single rooms, triple rooms and standard rooms, all equipped with direct line telephones. The hotel is next to Longquan Temple in the Mount Wutai Scenic Area in Shanxi province. General standard rooms are 299 yuan ($48.75); high-grade standard rooms, 456 yuan ($74.36); deluxe standard rooms, 616 yuan ($100.45); general suites, 1,152 yuan ($187.85); and deluxe suites, 1,332 yuan.

Longhua Hotel

Sitting at a vantage point atop Mount Wutai in Taihuai township, Longhua Hotel faces Nanshan Temple and boasts tranquil surroundings and first-rate amenities. It is a three-star villa hotel offering food, lodging and entertainment services to tourists from home and abroad. It offers two medium and high-grade suites and 105 general standard rooms. There are both Chinese and Western restaurants with two conference rooms, a ballroom and a bar, all elegantly decorated. There is also a large parking lot. The hotel is an ideal place to hold conferences and tourist groups. Single rooms are 196 yuan ($31.95); standard rooms, 196 yuan ($31.95); triple rooms, 320 yuan ($52.17); and deluxe suites, 480 yuan ($78.26).

Xiangyun Hotel

Located in Taihuai township, Wutai county, Shanxi province, Xiangyun Hotel is at the foot of Mount Wutai and next to the main road leading to Wuye Temple. It is a three-star hotel offering catering and lodging services. It is a four-story building with excellent surroundings. Clean, tidy and comfortable, all guest rooms are equipped with all the amenities according to the standard of three-star hotels. There are altogether 55 standard rooms and high-grade standard rooms. Price of standard rooms range from 133 yuan ($21.68) each to triples that cost 199 yuan ($32.44) each.

Yuanyuan Hotel

The hotel sits on Mount Wutai, ranking first on the list of four famous sacred Buddhist mountains in China. With bodies of water in the front and a hill at the back, it has attractive scenery. There are 108 guest rooms including deluxe suites, standard rooms and hourly rooms. All rooms are equipped with air conditioners, satellite TV, IDD telephones, and 24-hour hot water. The business center of the hotel offers fax and post services, business services and secretary services. The hotel is next to Nanshan Temple. Price of standard rooms are 304 yuan ($49.58); double standard rooms, 364 yuan ($59.36); rooms with king size beds, 440 yuan ($71.76); deluxe standard rooms, 440 yuan ($71.76); and deluxe suites, 780 yuan ($127.21).

Some temples in Mount Wutai also offer lodging services.

• Which temples offer such services?

In Taihuai township: Puhua Temple, Xiantong Temple, Tayuan Temple, Pusa Ding, Yuanzhao Temple, Santa Temple, Shifang Tang, Suxiang Temple and Shancai Dong

On the tops of peaks: Falei Temple on the west peak and Yanjiao Temple on the central peak

In the Tainei area: Qifo Temple, Baiyuan Temple, Jinge Temple, Longquan Temple, Nanshan Temple, Bishan Temple, Fengling Temple, Dabao Temple, Mingyue Chi, Zhulin Temple

In the Taiwai area: Shuanquan Temple, Qingliang Temple, Zunsheng Temple, Ximing Temple, Taihe Temple, Puji Temple, Bixia Temple, Baofeng Temple, Donggang Temple, Gufo Temple, Dabao Temple and Guan Yu Temple

• Tips for travelers seeking lodging services in temples

The lodging services offered by temples are usually not very good. Temples usually offer wide beds for a number of people with very few standard rooms offered. If you are a Buddhist follower who needs standard rooms, we advise you to make a reservation 10 days ahead of arrival. Mount Wutai has major temples that offer lodging services. However, due to the fact that temperatures in winter, spring and autumn are low and most temples are not heated, they are only fit for lodging in summer.

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