A return to the grand old glaze


The ancient town of Pingyao has embarked on a quest to resurrect the lost art of handmade lacquerware, Sun Yuanqing and Sun Ruisheng report.

Linyi county's 2nd Apple Festival is a success in Heihe


The second Apple Festival of Linyi county, Shanxi province, from Oct 22 to 24, is being successfully held in the city of Heihe, Heilongjiang province.

Shanxi Brands China Tour turns out to be a hit in Shanghai


Shanxi province has taken its Brands Tour to Shanghai and got off to a good start, on Oct 18, with 457,000 yuan ($75,000) worth of sales and 72.6 million yuan in contracts on the first day alone.

China-Shanxi Agricultural Products Trade Expo has a fine finish


The China-Shanxi Agricultural Products Trade Expo (APTE), in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, wrapped things up nicely, on Oct 20, with total trade and number of visitors way beyond all previous sessions.

Shanxi competing for 'Qunxing' Award


Shanxi had 18 mass culture programs covering dance, drama, music, and folk arts taking part.

Datong joins Top 20 in tourist satisfaction


A China Tourism Research Institute survey of tourist satisfaction has found that Datong, in Shanxi province, came in at 19th place, with a satisfaction index of 75.15.

Govt offers 5b yuan to fight pollution


The central government said on Monday it is offering a total of 5 billion yuan ($818 million) in financial rewards to Beijing and its neighboring provinces.

China repair work on Yingxian county's Wooden Pagoda


China came up with a repair plan, recently to restore Shanxi provinces' Wooden Pagoda, in Yingxian county, after 24 years of waiting and a deteriorating situation.