Shanxi Brands China Tour comes to a fine finish in Nanchang


The Shanxi Brands China Tour, at the Nanchang International Exhibition Center, in the capital of Jiangxi province, came to a satisfactory conclusion, on Nov 25, with sales worth 1.33 million yuan ($218,000) and contracts worth 44.03 million yuan signed.

Datong working on becoming a garden city


The city of Datong has seen some success after coming up with its green development vision this past year and has increased its green area by 1.77 million square meters, with a green coverage of 43.3 percent, up by 1.64 percentage points.

Taiyuan gets a cultural heritage base


The city of Taiyuan, Shanxi province, now has a cultural heritage base especially for art, its first, as of Nov 16, to give shoppers direct access to some cultural heritage products.

Yanggao becomes a member of the Top 100 counties for investment


A Green Paper on China‘s small to mid-sized cities for 2013 that was published on Nov 18, has four Shanxi counties among the Top 100 Counties with the Best Investment Value, with Yanggao county on the list for the fifth time.

Shanxi gets China (Beijing) International Garden Expo awards


Taiyuan and Jinzhong, in Shanxi province, had a good finish at the 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo, taking away 16 awards, including the top prize for Best Outdoor Garden Design, for Jinzhong.

TYHI Technology Center joins Top 10 Enterprise Technology Center list


The Technology Center of the Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co Ltd (TYHI) qualified for the top 10 nationally, putting it in first place among centers involved with heavy machinery.

Yuncheng Kites get Chinese sport heritage recognition


At the 2013 China Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Expo, in Yuncheng city, Shanxi province, the Yuncheng kite got officially approval for sports heritage protection and promotions, as part of the Yuncheng culture, and adding some charm.

Chinese machinery producer makes export breakthrough


A Chinese heavy machinery manufacturer has made an export breakthrough to Africa by clinching a mining components deal.