Shanxi Tourism investment running high


By this past September, Shanxi province had an incredible 228 tourism projects under construction, and worth 120.1 billion yuan ($19.62 billion), even during an economic slowdown.

Shanxi getting special scientific and technological demonstration base


The city of Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, announced plans to build a base to promote the commercialization of scientific and technological developments under a program with Ministry of Science and Technology approval, on Oct 8.

Ancient pagoda closed to public over leaning


China's tallest ancient brick pagoda, Wenfeng, in the northern Shanxi Province, has been closed to the public as it has begun to lean dangerously, the local cultural relics bureau said on Thursday.

Pingyao sees a tourism peak for World Tourism Day


There were many people visiting the old city of Pingyao, in Shanxi province, on World Tourism Day, on Sept 27

Taiyuan becomes pilot 'digital city'


The city of Taiyuan, Capital of Shanxi province, is one of 20 cities chosen to act as pilots for a "digital city" program, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced on Oct 8.

Mianshan Mountain tourism hits a record high for this year's Golden Week


The number of tourists visiting scenic parts of Mianshan Mountain, in Shanxi province, reached a new height, this year, on the fourth day of Golden Week.

Global Chinese Science Fiction Awards ceremony, Taiyuan


The 4th Global Chinese Science Fiction Awards ceremony got off to a good start, on Oct 4, in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi province, with science fiction writers Chen Qiufan, Cheng Jingbo, Yang Peng, Zhang Ran, and others getting gold medals for their work.

Golden Week means significant earnings for Shanxi


This year's Golden Week holiday, saw tourism in Shanxi province making a great leap forward in sheer numbers, including revenues and benefits.

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