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Taicang Travel Sky

Updated: 2020-05-07

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Address: 12-1208, Wuyang Square, No 77, Shanghai East Road, Taicang

Tel: 86-512-53545516

Fax: 86-512-53545517

Website: http://www.0512tc.com

Taicang Travel Sky was established in January 2009. The company deals with domestic tourism, exhibitions, ceremonial services, cultural exchange businesses and ticketing.

The company has maintained a friendly and cooperative relationship with many large hotels and travel agencies. It also has relationships with authorities of tourist economic development areas, scenic spots, railways, civil aviation and transport departments. Travel Sky consistently works on providing high quality services and cultural exchanges for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The company is progressively implementing plans for feature tourism, cultural exchanges and business visits. With professional services and a high level of attention paid to quality, Travel Sky is dedicated to providing superior service for all tourists in the area of food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, business meetings and cultural development.