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Review of major events in 2012

Updated: 2013-06-03

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Philipp Missfelder is a foreign policy spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU), a parliamentary group of the German Bundestag. He is also a presidium member of the Christian Democratic Union and the youth organization of the CDU. Missfelder visited Taicang with a delegation from the Christian Democratic Union.

A signing ceremony for the maritime equipment manufacturing project was held.

A commencement ceremony was held for the cargo distribution expressway of Taicang Port.


Suzhou Hyperion Geocrystal Co held its opening ceremony.

The Letter of Intent on Establishment of Sister Cities was signed with Cranbrook, BC, Canada.

Shi Taifeng, vice-Party secretary of the Jiangsu Committee of the CPC, investigated Taicang regarding the development of urban-rural integration and "three rural issues", including agriculture, countrysides and farmers.


The first session of Moving Taicang – Top 10 Women Awards Ceremony and the 102nd Anniversary of the March 8 International Working Women's Day was held.

The 2012 Taicang (China) River & Sea Food Festival was held.

The opening ceremony of the 14th National Games was held.

The 2012 IAAF Race Walking Challenge and Olympic Trials were held in Taicang.

Luo Zhijun, Party secretary of the Jiangsu Committee of the CPC, and leaders of Suzhou visited Taicang.


The Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science signed a cooperation agreement with the Taicang municipal government.

Taicang launched its English website: Charming Taicang.

The 2012 Taicang (China) Tourist and Cultural Festival and Jiangnan Peony Cultural Festival were held.

Ye Chiu Metal Recycling (China) Co completed its initial public offering (IPO) in China.

The opening ceremony of the first Technical Innovation Project Promotion Month and 2012 Taicang Technical Talent Matching Meeting was held.

The Taicang practice seminar was held, promoting "Coordinated Industrialization, Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization".


Hua Jianmin, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and president of the Red Cross Society of China, visited Taicang.

The China-Africa Red Cross Cooperation Forum and China-Africa Red Cross Capability Building Seminar were launched in Taicang.

The 100th anniversary of Chienshiung Wu's birthday was held.

A press conference was held for the Taicang Ship Entry/Exit Pilot Application and Underway Handover.


Jiangsu Dewei Advanced Material Co Ltd was listed.

The Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Promotion Fair was held.

Wang Shiming, vice-director of the Office of the Civic Enhancement Steering Commission, visited Taicang to investigate the development of a culturally advanced city.

Han Jun, deputy president of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Lu Liusheng, mayor of Taicang, were interviewed by the Economic Daily on modern agriculture development, new countryside development and urban-rural integration of Taicang at the Dialogue Program.

Guangming Daily headline: Taicang – Earnest Innovation Leads to Development.


The 14th World Youth Bridge Team Championships were held in Taicang.

Mass Magazine published an article by Lu Liusheng, secretary of the CPC Taicang Committee: Stick to Coordinated Urban-Rural Development with Synchronous Industrialization, Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization.


Ecolab Inc (Taicang) was officially opened.

A site meeting for the national grassroots water conservancy service system building was held in Taicang.

The CPC Committee of Taicang Port Affairs Group was established.

Sun Zhigang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the Office of the Medical Reform Leading Group of the State Council, and Xu Shanchang, deputy director of the Office of the Medical Reform Leading Group, visited Taicang to investigate the progress of basic medical insurance and serious illness re-insurance.


The 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation was held.

Taicang Beer Festival 2012 opened.

Taicang Huaxu Holiday Hotel opened.

Sang Guowei, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC, visited Taicang Biomedicine Industrial Park.

The 10th International Pharmaceutical High Technology & Industrialization Development Summit was held in Taicang.

The Chinese Educated Youth Culture Development Foundation and the Home of Educated Youth was officially launched.


The China-Germany (Taicang) SME Cooperation Demonstration Zone was launched.

The sixth Blessed-Land Culture & Mutton Food Festival was held

Taicang University Science Park was launched.

CCTV1 News reported on headline news about Taicang, "New medical reform work reduces peoples' burden". Lu Liusheng, secretary of the CPC Taicang Committee, gave an interview.

CCTV2's 30-Minute Business News broadcasted a feature story about Taicang, How To Take Advantage of Serious Illness Insurance?

CCTV1's Focus broadcasted a feature story about Taicang, Serious Illness Insurance Helps Reduce People's Burdens.


The Taicang Yangtze River Estuary Tourist Zone was opened.

Social Modernization: Taicang Practice Seminar was held in Taicang.

The book Social Modernization: Taicang Practice, edited by Lu Xueyi, honorary academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Lu Liusheng, secretary of the CPC Taicang Committee, was published.

Taicang held a cultural industry promotion meeting in Shanghai.


P&G East China Production & Logistics Base was opened.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Institute of Political Science of the CASS held the Working Meeting on Interaction of Political and Social Works in Taicang.

Taicang Vanda Plaza was opened.

Taicang Port enjoyed preferential sea port policies, and container throughput exceeded 4 million TEUs.

The People's Daily special page read: Taicang Shows Local Characteristics in Social Development and Management.

The official microblog of Taicang News was officially launched.

Taicang was awarded the highest honor of "Happy City of China" and the gold medal for the "Happiest City in China".