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Gu Huixian: Bringing Taicang folk culture to world2019-02-26

Gu Huixian, a renowned handicraftsman of making Shuangfeng dragon and phoenix in Taicang, Jiangsu province, hopes to revitalize the folk culture and make it popular again among young people.

Unique scenery weaved by bamboo canes2019-02-25

When the ancient street in Taicang's Shaxi town, Jiangsu province gradually quiets down during nights, a store for bamboo weaving items on the street still remains brightly lit.

Taste of childhood: lard swelled candy rice2018-12-04

In Taicang's Shaxi town, lard swelled candy rice is the traditional snack.

Eight-treasure glutinous rice cake: a special dim sum in Taicang2018-02-27

There's only one cake store in Shaxi town of Taicang selling eight-treasure glutinous rice cakes.

Turning ancient porcelain chips into art2018-02-11

Ancient porcelain chips might be treated as rubbish by most of us but an old man from Taicang turns them into exquisite art pieces.

Leaving a well-paid job to be a leather craftsman2018-02-05

A unique store comes into sight as you walk towards the memorial archway of ancient Liuhe town in Taicang.

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