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Take a bite of spring in Taicang2019-03-15

When spring approaches, Taicang natives start "eating" spring, that is , to eat seasonal vegetables.

Enjoy delicious pot-stewed duck in Taicang2019-03-12

Wandering around the ancient Liuhe town in Taicang, one is inevitably attracted by a seductive fragrance.

Taste of childhood: lard swelled candy rice2018-12-04

In Taicang's Shaxi town, lard swelled candy rice is the traditional snack.

Hidden-away stores keep authentic Taicang delicacies2018-04-09

People often say that to know a city you need to start with its delicacies.

To reserve taste of old Huangjing for locals2018-04-04

Love that can stand the test of time is the best and the truest one and so is the case with delicacies.

Saury: ready for foodies2018-03-29

As everything comes back to life in the vibrant spring, people's longing for fishes in the Yangtze River also revives.

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