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Taste authentic German breads at German uncle's bakery2018-03-08

Opening a bakery to satisfy one's own picky taste seems a little bit willful, but here's a lovely German uncle who runs three bakeries producing German breads in Shaxi town, Taicang.

Turning ancient porcelain chips into art2018-02-11

Ancient porcelain chips might be treated as rubbish by most of us but an old man from Taicang turns them into exquisite art pieces.

Leaving a well-paid job to be a leather craftsman2018-02-05

A unique store comes into sight as you walk towards the memorial archway of ancient Liuhe town in Taicang.

Taicang man offers technical support to Tibet2018-02-01

Whether the imposing Potala Palace, enchanting natural landscape or terrible altitude illness, what do you think of when Tibet is mentioned?

Simple happiness: enjoy music and embrace life2018-01-17

There is man who has been accompanied with bamboo flutes for 50 years: playing and making them.

To be a French dessert master: 85s girl's dream2018-01-15

It seems that to open a small dessert shop and work among delicious cakes and the fragrance of freshly made coffee might be a dream of many young girls.

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