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Wanda Plaza2020-01-02

Taicang Wanda Plaza lies at the intersection between Shanghai East Road and Loujing Road, Taicang city, Jiangsu province.

Sweet wine juice-based oil of Taicang2018-05-15

The sweet wine juice-based oil was developed by Li Wujiang during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.

Jin Tai Cang yellow rice wine2018-05-15

It has been a long-standing custom to drink yellow rice wine in Taicang and the natives are very fond of it.

Shuanfeng slow fire-cooked chicken2018-05-15

The Shuangfeng slow fire-cooked chicken is a special local product of Jiangsu province and a famous cuisine of Taicang city

Sea perch from Yangtze River Delta2018-05-15

Japanese sea bass can be found from Japan to the South China Sea. They inhabit delta areas and coastal waters.

Rice gets production license2018-05-15

According to Taicang Daily, the SC license allows Huangjing Rice to enter supermarkets and other retailing channels.

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