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Taicang New Century International Travel Agency

Updated: 2020-05-07

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Address: No 31, Zhenghe West Road, Taicang

Tel: 0086-512-53577661

Fax: 0512-53536866

Website: http://www.tcxsj.com/

Founded in March 2001, Taicang New Century International Travel Agency is the only international travel agency in Taicang. It is an agency that operates inbound and outbound tourism for Chinese citizens franchised by the National Tourism Bureau.

The company deals with inbound and outbound tourism, domestic tourism, domestic and international exhibitions, business, ticketing, travel management and corporate outward development tourism and consultation.

Currently the company is vigorously implementing a development strategy for “networking”, “scale development” and “branding” with the aim of revitalizing and developing tourism to meet people’s growing spiritual and cultural needs. It actively provides domestic and foreign tourists with a full range of integrated services. “Make the partners assured and the tourists satisfied” is its operation philosophy and, “integrity, quality, professional and dedicated service” is its service tenet.