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Take a bite of spring in Taicang

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Updated: 2019-03-15

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Take a bite of spring in Taicang

Dumplings filled with chopped shepherd's purse are a popular dish among Taicang natives in spring. [Photo/WeChat account: TaicangTourism]

When spring approaches, Taicang natives start "eating" spring, that is , to eat seasonal vegetables.

There is a saying in Taicang that says one may get to know the taste of spring after eating bamboo shoots.

Seasonable bamboo shoots feature thin outer skin and thick flesh and is better to braise or pickle it.

Fiddlehead is renowned as the king of mountain vegetables. When its leaves are still curled and not yet spread, it's the best time to pick them up and stir-fry them together with shredded meat after being salted.

The best time to eat the leaves of Chinese toon is around the Grain Rain (the sixth solar term of China's 24 solar terms). The leafy green was deemed as a symbol of longevity in ancient China with huge medicinal value and to stir-fry it with eggs is the simplest way to bring out its most fragrant flavor and delicious taste.

Shepherd's purse sprouts in winter and flourishes in spring. Though it looks quite unassuming, shepherd's purse would taste quite delicious when they are made into dumplings or patties.

Broad beans can bring back the happy memories of thirtysomething Taicang natives as these beans were their favorite snacks when they were children. Just boil the broad beans in water, and one may enjoy the delicacy moments later.