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German-friendly Environment and Fledged Facilities

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Updated: 2016-11-23

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The third German center in China has settled in Taicang, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai, to provide all-round services.

To expand the talent pool, Taicang has not only launched an educational initiative with colleges and universities in Shanghai and Jiangsu, but has also joined hands with German universities, like Steinbeis Hochshule Berlin (SHB).

Recently, Taicang has also introduced German-style education, from kindergarten, vocational education, graduate and postgraduate programs with German colleges and universities to meet different demands. German Bavaria and AHK Shanghai & Chien-shiung Technology Technician Training Centers currently meet the increasing demand for qualified technicians.

With an annual beer festival, a Sino-German table tennis tournament and an innovation and entrepreneurship competition, Taicang is making efforts to bring more German elements to the modern and environmentally-friendly city construction.