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Innovations take place in Taicang’s health care sector in 2015 - Part 2

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Updated: 2016-01-26

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Taicang's health care sector carried out a series of novelty services in 2015, the last year of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

WeChat portal launched for information updates

The hospital of Chinese medicine's WeChat portal went online in July 2015. The portal contains introductions of departments and medical staff, and information about traditional Chinese medicine.

Better environment for better services

The hospital of Chinese medicine moved the offices of two Chinese medicine experts, Xu Heling and Shen Bingzhang, to the fifth floor of the out-patient building to offer privacy and quietness to the doctors and their patients.

The No.3 People's Hospital moved its psychosomatic department to a new location to help the rehabilitation of patients suffering from mental illnesses.

Training program

The No.1 People's Hospital assigned 22 excellent doctors to train medical workers at 13 local health care facilities.

Working with Shanghai

The No.1 People's Hospital continued its cooperation with major hospitals in Shanghai.

Its partnership with the No.10 People's Hospital in Shanghai, an affiliate of Tongji University, was cemented. The heads of the nutrition and rehabilitation departments at the No.10 People's Hospital hold concurrent posts at the Taicang hospital. The academic cooperation also deepened through the Taicang hospital's participation in the multidisciplinary alliance of the No.10 People's Hospital.

The Taicang hospital signed an alliance agreement with Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, an affiliate of Jiaotong University's medical school, in December 2015.

More consulting services and more specialist practitioners

The hospital of Chinese medicine opened two consulting services in May 2015, one for mother-infant nursing and one for midwifery service.

In the same month, it started an outpatient service that is dedicated to pulmonary nodule treatment.

In October, the hospital cancelled all general outpatient services and applied specialist practitioner services to its medical, surgical, gynecological and pediatrics departments.

Edited by Peter Nordlinger