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Colorful activities set for Taicang gourmet and tourism festival

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Updated: 2015-03-18

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The annual aquatic gourmet and tourism festival is set to open on March 28 in Taicang, Jiangsu province, during which tourists will be treated to various activities.


After the opening ceremony to be held in Jiangtan Wetland Park in the Yangtze River estuary holiday resort, 100 cyclists will be invited to cycle around the park with the aim of promoting environmental protection and greener lifestyles.


In April, a food festival will take place in Taicang's Mansion in Creative, an exotic food street. Apart from snack tasting and food ingredients trade, the festival will allow visitors to make their own foods, such as fried rice cakes and fried pork floss.

Color run

The color run, an untimed event with no winners or prizes, has become increasingly popular around the world. This year's festival also includes a color run race, with runners to run along a 5-kilometer track around Jincang Lake. Colorful runners, green trees and the clear lake will surely constitute a fascinating spring landscape.

Peony culture festival

The Jiangnan peony culture festival in Taicang's Yuan Garden has long been a key part of the gourmet and tourism festival. During the peony festival, visitors can not only appreciate the beautiful peonies, but also enjoy colorful pinwheels.

Kite festival

Taicang's Jincang Lake Park, with a vast green grassland, is an ideal place for flying kites. Kite-flying can help parents foster a closer relationship with their children, and different-shaped kites will bring a visual feast.

Orchid fair

The China Orchid Fair has been held at Taicang's Modern Agriculture Park for two years, attracting orchid associations from 10 provinces and regions as well as Taiwan. This year's event will be hosted from April 5 to 7 and will set two trading areas to welcome orchid purchasers.

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