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South view in Ruzhou: Longfeng Mountain      2014-05-25
There goes a beautiful story in Longfeng Mountain.

Anti-Japanese Aggression Museum: One Farmer's 2mln-Yuan Dream      2014-04-11
The Memorial Museum of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression welcomes as many as 30,000 to 40,000 people per year.

Volume of annual visitors to Ruzhou reaches 1.41 million      2013-12-31
A total of 1,409,600 tourists from China and abroad visited Ruzhou in central China’s Henan province in 2013.

Ruzhou promotes Jianggu Mountain development      2013-11-22
A coordination conference on Jianggu Mountain’s tourism development was held by the Ruzhou municipal government on Nov 18.

Yuntai offers a peek at paradise      2013-09-26
Yuntai Mountain in Henan province, is a popular destination for many of my friends, and I recently set out to see why.

China Loong Forest of Steles opens to tourists for free      2012-05-30
Hundreds of flags and crowds gathered in the China Loong Forest of Steles located in the Fanji village, north of Ruzhou. The China Loong Forest of Steles museum exhibition hall was open to tourists for free.

Visitors at martyrs' cemetery of Fengxuan temple, Ruzhou city for tomb-sweeping day      2012-04-06
With the arrival of the tomb-sweeping day, the martyrs' cemetery of Fengxuan temple, Ruzhou city is surging with crowds. Many people visited the cemetery to show their respect and admiration to the martyrs.

Zhanggongxiang Kiln      2010-09-20
Ruzhou Zhanggongxiang, the official Kiln of the Northern Song Dynasty, sits at the junction between the city’s Dongnanyu Central Street and Zhanggongxiang. It covers 120,000 square meters, 20,000 of which are under special protection.

Overview: Culture and Travel Resources in Ruzhou      2010-09-17
Ruzhou has a long history and profound cultural foundation with various cultural landscapes.The city also has oodles of historical human culture.

Dahongzhai Scenic Area      2010-09-17
Dahongzhai sits at the junction of Dayu Village, Yuzhou City, and Dengfeng City, 35 kilometers northeast of Ruzhou City.

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