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Jianggushan      2014-08-26

Dahongzhai      2014-08-25

Fengxue temple      2014-08-25

Ru porcelain receives gold medal at masterwork exhibition      2013-11-11
Xuanhe Zun (“Zun” is an ancient term for wine vessel), a Ru porcelain work, was awarded a gold medal at the 14th Contemporary Arts and Crafts Masterwork Exhibition, according Chinadaily.com.cn on Nov 6.

Tobacco harvest comes to Ruzhou      2013-08-23
Tobacco growers on a 3,333-hectare tobacco field in Ruzhou city, Henan province, are busy reaping and curing tobacco leaves as harvest season approaches.

Guaipo      2012-07-16

Ruzhou citizen honored Cultural Ambassador for Peace in the US      2011-09-30
On Sept 17, New York time, at the invitation of Friends of the UN, Liu Jianxia, a famous Buddhist painter from Ruzhou, Henan province, was conferred the certificate of Cultural Ambassador for Peace by Noel J.Brown at the UN headquarters.

Photo show held in Ruzhou      2011-09-30
From Sept 6 to 9 during the 2nd China Quju Opera Art Festival, a photo exhibition was held, themed Home of Chinese Quju Opera. The exhibition took place in the lobby at the first floor of Ruzhou municipal radio and television station building.

Finals for top 10 Quju Opera performers      2011-09-30
In the afternoon of Sept 7, the final round for the top 10 Chinese Quju Opera performers was held at the hall of Ruzhou television station.

Forum on Quju Opera held      2011-09-30
The Quju Opera Art Development Forum, one of main activities of the 2nd China Quju Opera Art Festival, began on Sept 8.

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