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Ruzhou citizen honored Cultural Ambassador for Peace      2011-09-30
On Sept 17, New York time, at the invitation of Friends of the UN, Liu Jianxia, a famous Buddhist painter from Ruzhou, Henan province, was conferred the certificate of Cultural Ambassador for Peace by Noel J.Brown at the UN headquarters.

Resources and Economy      2010-09-17
Ruzhou enjoys an abundance of mineral resources, with 46 mineral detected, including raw coal, bauxite, hydraulic limestone and geothermal water.

Overview: Culture and Travel Resources in Ruzhou      2010-09-17
Ruzhou has a long history and profound cultural foundation with various cultural landscapes.The city also has oodles of historical human culture.

Geography and History      2010-09-14
Ruzhou enjoys an advantageous geographical location, since it’s within the crossing and radiated area of five cities, namely Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Pingdingshan, Xuchang, and Nanyang.

Historic sites and cultural relics      2010-09-14
There are many historic sites and cultural relics in Ruzhou.

City's construction,Education, Healthcare      2010-09-14
The city’s construction changes with each passing day.Ruzhou has witnessed a rapid development in social improvement.

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