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Ruzhou applies for two provincial cultural foundations      2014-12-02
Two projects from Ruzhou city – the Ru Porcelain Museum and the Mangchuan town's Banzha village – were submitted by Ruzhou's Administration of Cultural Heritage to apply for Central China's Henan province’s cultural foundation.

Free arts exhibition in Ruzhou      2014-10-11
The City Arts Museum in Ruzhou, central China's Henan province, exhibited hundreds of calligraphy works and traditional Chinese paintings for free.

Five-year wait over for Henan Arts Exhibition      2014-07-08
Staged every five years, the Henan Arts Exhibition is the largest in the province with the widest variety of painting styles, which runs until July 25.

Opera troupes competition stage in China's Henan      2014-02-12
"Duixi," a competition between two opera troupes in which the stages are erected side by side and the one will win out in accordance with the number of spectators.

Opera troupe tours remote Henan villages      2014-02-12
An opera troupe consisting of 70 actors from Luoyang embarked on a tour of small villages in Henan on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year.

Bright prospects      2014-02-12
A lamp collector hopes his museum will illuminate how humans have harnessed light over millennia.

Ru porcelain receives gold medal at masterwork exhibition      2013-11-11
Xuanhe Zun (“Zun” is an ancient term for wine vessel), a Ru porcelain work, was awarded a gold medal at the 14th Contemporary Arts and Crafts Masterwork Exhibition, according Chinadaily.com.cn on Nov 6.

First Ruzhou Stone Culture Exhibition kicks off      2013-10-21
The first Ruzhou Stone Culture Exhibition kicks off in Ruzhou Railway Station Square in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, on October 17.

Vietnamese brides enjoy life in rural China      2013-09-03
Riding an electric motorbike with her one-year-old son, Tuan Thi Hong Thai doesn't look much different from an ordinary rural woman in China.

Artist hopes to change world with painting      2013-09-02
A painting exhibition by Singaporean artist Lin Xiangxiong will open in Beijing at the National Art Museum of China on Sept 9.

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