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Infrastructure projects in Hebei call for bids

22. Project of Western Expansion of the Nature Park of Langfang City

I. Project Content

The total land use area is 90 hectares (1350 mu). The main construction contents are manmade lake excavation of 13,350 cubic meters, anti-seepage project in the lake bottom of 104,100 square meters, lakeshore engineering of 2,557 linear meter, newly- constructed wharf of 508.7 square meters, the park road engineering of 15,700 square meters, green planting and maintenance of 26,612 square meters, newly- constructed Juxian Square and Yanyi Square with a total area of 7,370 square meters, 10small bridge and art pieces, entrance square of 1,257 square meters and peripheral supporting road of 2km.

II. Investment Estimate & Financing

The total amount of investment of the project is USD 7.33 million. The source of fund is self-financing by the enterprise and the investment inviting.

III. Market Analysis

The total population of the urban area of Langfang City is about 400,000. As the only natural landscape forest of a prefecture-level city, the Nature Park carries a lot of entertainment in holidays for many members of the public. The existing park covers an area of 67.1 hectares (1006.9 mu) with a good ecological environment, forest coverage rate of up to 90% and density of leaf canopy is 0.8. It has good market prospects to implement the Nature Park expansion, further improve the urban green space landscape system of Langfang City, provide the public with a more beautiful urban public activity space and develop the tourism leisure industry.

IV. Construction Conditions

The project site is located in the north-west direction of Langfang City and the expansion area is located in the north-west direction of the original Nature Park. The north-east of the project is adjacent to Beijing-Tianjin Railway. There are no covered mineral deposit and cultural relic in the project site and it will not affect the navigation and military facilities and be beneficial to the flood control and drainage, etc. It will not cause related adverse effects. The overall construction meets the general plan requirements of Langfang City.

V. Benefit Analysis

As the natural ecological park of Langfang, the Nature Park will be a large-scale comprehensive park in the urban area of Langfang after expansion. It will not only become an ideal place for everyday life, leisure and entertainment of the resident in the urban area of Langfang, Anci District and Guangyang District, but also will attract the tourists from surrounding counties and cities or even other provinces to visit it in holidays. It can not only effectively deal with the problem that the urban public activity space of the citizens is small, but also can dig the tourism resources of the Nature Park. It will have reasonable economic benefit and obvious social benefits.

VI. Chinese Enterprise's Profile

Langfang Urban Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd. found in 1999 with registered capital of RMB 7.32119 billion, acting as a solely state-owned enterprise found upon the approval of the municipal government. Business scope includes: the state-owned asset authorized by municipal state-owned asset administration; being responsible for the development of urban infrastructure; the company's main functions are: on behalf of the municipal government to act as Party A of the management and use of the urban construction capital, responsible for the establishment, bidding, engineering budget and final accounts, the construction organization and funding, etc. of the new urban infrastructure project.

VII. Cooperation Mode

Sole proprietorship, joint venture or BT.

VIII. Liaison

Contact person: Wu Zhigang, Gardens and Landscaping Administration Bureau of Langfang City Add: No.143, Xinhua Road, Langfang City Tel: 86-316 - 2025834 Fax: 86-316 - 2014215 E-mail: lfyuanlin@163.com

23. The New Project of 62.3 Hectares Dong Lake Garden in Baoding City

Ⅰ.Project Content

Project composition: Infrastructure, garden architecture, man-made lake of 28.84 hectares, green land of 26.36 hectares, 6.21 hectares decorate and park lot with 0.44 hectares. Construction criterion and grade: Modernized water garden at the domestic advanced level.

Ⅱ.Investment Estimate and Financing

1. Gross investment is about USD 35 million. The gross investment forms: The removal expense of expropriation of land is about USD 19 million; ②The costs of building the man-made lake is about USD 9 million; ③The expenses to build green land is about USD 3 million; ④The construction of facilities of basic service is about USD 4 million; Design charges is USD 0.3million. 2. Capital Source: Government's loan and inviting investment. Plan to utilize the foreign capitals of USD 16 million, the proportion is 45.8%, Chinese side plans to provide funds of USD 19 million, the proportion is 54.2%, hope the investment way of the foreign side is the joint-venture.

Ⅲ. Market Analysis

Baoding with a long history is the national historical cultural city, and the position is superior along with a broad market. The city has prominent regional advantages, convenient traffic as Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Jingshen expressway run through it, and abundant resources. With the development of "Large Beijing Region" strategic idea, the consumer market of Baoding will be larger and larger. This project lies in eastern of the city; adjoin with many institution of higher learning as Hebei University, etc. with a strong academic atmosphere. Due to its great market potentials, the construction and development have been very urge.

Ⅳ.Construction Conditions

The project site selection is located in Mijia Dyke Qiyi Road near expressway lea down The pattern of development is land expropriation, and infrastructure conditions such as water, electricity, angry, communication, traffic, etc. are excellent. The main material is building materials and seedlings from Hebei Province.

Ⅴ. Benefit Analysis

The project construction period is 2 years with gross investment about 240 million Yuan. It is estimated that the project can retrieve 10 million Yuan every year and the payback period is24 years. The project has a good prospect, and the market is enormous, which can bring great society, environment and economic benefits after completion.

Ⅵ. Chinese Enterprise's Status

Landscape architecture bureau of Baoding is an institution with the administrative function belonging to government of Baoding City. It is mainly responsible for greening, landscape planning and plant maintenance management of the whole city. There are 465 personnel on-the-job now including 87professional and technical in the bureau.

Ⅶ. Cooperation Mode

Cooperation, joint venture or other mode.

Ⅷ. Liaison

Contact Person: Yanhui Li, Division Chief of Landscape architecture bureau of Baoding Add: No. 688 South YongHua Street Tel: 86-312-5939992, 86-312-5939998 Fax:86-312-5939997 Email:ylj5939998@163.com

24. Zilaifo Park, Dingzhou City

Ⅰ. Project Contents

The project area: 750 mu for land use of municipal infrastructure, 640 mu for land use of real estate development, totaling 1390 mu. Municipal infrastructure construction: Zilaifo Park (a open park), restoration of city walls and city gates, a plaza, East Xingding Road, North Zilaifo Street, East Xinghua Road, etc.; real estate development; a 4-starred hotel, etc..

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate and Financing

This project involves a total investment of 387.43 million dollars, of which 58.48 million dollars is for municipal infrastructure, and 328.95 million dollars for real estate development.

Ⅲ. Market Analysis

This project is located at the east of Dingzhou City proper, and encircled by No.107 National Highway to the east, East Xinghua Road to the south, North Zilaifo Street to the west, and East Xingding Road to the north. The land lot for the project was fully allocated for construction use by the local government. The traffic access is convenient, and water, power, gas and telecommunication are available completely and adequately for the project needs.

Ⅳ. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture, or others.


Contact person: Liu Yueping Head, Construction Bureau of Dingzhou City Tel:86-312-2332911 2332926 Fax:86-312-2332910 Email:jsj2911@163.com

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