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Infrastructure projects in Hebei call for bids

28. The Development Project of 30,000 m3/d Hexi Reservoir of southeast of Dong Maqiao, Qing County in Cangzhou City

I. Project Content

The total area of the project is 1,500 acres, and it will be fully developed for construction of the waterworks, the pump house and other ancillary facilities.

II. Investment Estimate and Financing

The construction fund is about 100 million yuan, and it will be raised by the project owner.

III. Market Analysis

Qing County is located in Haihe River Catchment. There are 13 rivers running through the county, mainly including the South Canal, Hei Longgang River, and Ziya River. The upstream area is 59364.57 square kilometers in total. As they are all seasonal rivers, water from other areas influx in flood season. While there is often a lack of water during the dry season. Thus the water needs of industry and agriculture in this region can not be met. Due to the serious over-exploitation of groundwater, the scope of the funnel is increasing, thus causing land subsidence. Therefore, in order to protect the environment which all the citizens rely on, and to solve the residents' drinking water issues, the construction of new water supply project has become a top priority. Along with the project, people's physique as well as living standard will be improved and the economy of Qingxian will also get developed.

IV.Construction Conditions

The construction item is located in a flat and open land, which is in the south region of Dong Maqiao, Qingxian. It is a flat and open land, with an average ground elevation of 4 to 6 meters. In some places, there are artificial channels and pits with the depth of 2 to 3 meters. The government provides land. The investing enterprise is responsible for the relocation, as well as the building of the reservoir and surrounding facilities.

V. Cooperation Mode

Sole proprietorship, joint venture or any other acceptable modes.

VI. Liaison

Contact person: Jiao Hongjia Tel: 86-317-4029096,86-13315763887 E-mail: qxchengjian@163.com

29. The West Zone Industrial Park of Hai Xing County, Cangzhou City

Ⅰ. Construction Content

The area is planning to cover 5 square kilometers, located in the entrances and exits nearby in Hai Xing County of Tianjin-Shantou Expressway, it is planning to construct light manufacturing, life and business services, apparel knitting and high-tech industries. This industrial area is based on the items mentioned above. <<the controlled="" and="" detailed="" plan="">> has been finished in 2007, in which the water area and non-construction land are 0.26 square kilometers, the ecological and protective green land is 0.43 square kilometers, the land that can be developped and constructed is 4.4 square kilometers.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate and Financing

The infrastructure construction projects in the area, the total investment is 170 million yuan, of which: there are total 10 road works with a total length of 20.1 kilometers, with a total investment 120 million yuan. Water Supply Project: the total length is 40 km, a total investment is 10 million yuan. Drainage Works: The total length is 40 km, a total investment is 40 million yuan.

Ⅲ. Benefit Analysis

With the accelerated pace of the construction of Huanghua Port, the rise of the Bohai Sea economic circle, the progressive norms and expansion of this area. It will show a rapid growth trend, and the economic and social benefits are considerable.

Ⅳ. Cooperation Mode:

Joint venture, cooperation or single venture.

Ⅴ. Liaison

Contact person:Liu Mingshu, Haixing Commerce Bureau Tel.: 86-317-6560887,15075717797 E-mail: hxwmj@cztrade.cn

30. Near-Sea Industrial Zone Project of Haixing County, Cangzhou City

Ⅰ. Construction Content

Haixing County lies on the cutting edge which is around Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai and on the core of the region of the Bohai New Area where is focusing importantly on the developping by Hebei Province, which is close to the Tianjin Binhai New Area.

And it has geographical advantages. Huanghua Port Development Zone, Huanghua City, Haixing County, near-port economic and technological development Zone and Nandagang management Zone have been integrated into the general layout of the development of the coastal city by Cangzhou City.

There is a 18 km coastline and vast coastal shoreline in our county. Haixing County plans to make use of 15.7 square kilometers land which is managed by Haixing County and is near Huanghua Port and is a part of the Overall plan of Huanghua Port City to construct Haixing near-sea Industrial Zone. The Zone lies on both sides of the coastal road of the South to the Port. It is bordering on the Huanghua Port and has good conditions of development and competitive advantage.

As a cross-century project of national key projects, Huanghua Port is the estuary of Shenhua project. Since it is put into operation in 2002, Huanghua Port has growth in throughput of 10 million tons for four consecutive years, in 2006 it makes a breakthrough of 80 million tons exceeding the Tianjin Port and becomes the second largest coal output Port which is only smaller than Qin huangdao Port for the first time.

The provincial government formally approved "Huanghua Port Overall Plan" of Cangzhou city in February 2007.

Huanghua Port will become from single port-to-integrated deep-water ports and will be changed totally because of the investment of more than 200 billion yuan.

Huanghua Port plans to use the 18.7 km port shoreline and the 121.62 square kilometers port area.

There are three Port Zone, that is, Coal Port and Comprehensive Port Zone are the main parts, and Hekou Port Zone is added. 121 berths which are over 20,000 tons are constructed in which there are over 40 berths which are more than 50,000 tons, 4-6 multi-purpose deep-water berths more than 200,000-ton, it will be changed from a single coal output to an integrated multi-functionals.

At present, the project has been launched which is invested 3 billion yuan including sparse port road, breakwater, fairways, harbor basin, berths, and so on.

Two 100,000-ton berths and grocery warehouse and industrial zones will make preliminary construction. The Huanghua Guohua Power Plant installes capacity of 3.6 million kilowatts, invests about 50 billion and it has been put into operation in 2006.

Haixing County will take "integrate into the Port, serve the Port, and develop with the Port" as the main strategy of county economic development. Now it is seeking partners by the way of joint ventures, cooperation or solely owned to offer kinds of services including the stage construction of infrastructure for the waterfront land and develop the near-sea projects, as the field of warehousing, logistics and distribution, tax-free reservoir area, the logistics information processing, shipping services, business travel and living services and so on to build gradually Industrial Corridor near Port.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate and Financing

The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan.

Ⅲ. Benefit Analysis

With the construction step of Huang hua Port and the development of the near-sea industry in Haixing county brought by Huanghua Port, three years later, the year production value of the field of warehousing, shipping services, logistics and distribution, tourism is expected to reach 500 million yuan. With the construction of the Zone gradually standardize and strengthen, the value will be increased rapidly, the economic and social benefits are substantial.

Ⅳ. Cooperation Mode:

Joint venture, cooperation or single investment.

Ⅴ. Liaison

Contact person:Liu Mingshu, Haixing Commerce Bureau

Tel.: 86-317-6560887,15075717797 E-mail: hxwmj@cztrade.cn

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