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Infrastructure projects in Hebei call for bids

58. Hebei Xingtai Auto Parts Processing Base Zhucun Town, Xingtai City

Ⅰ. Project Contents

This project covers the construction of the three manufacturing areas of auto parts, auto articles, and auto electronic and electrical appliances; its foundation construction involves standard plant buildings, auxiliary buildings, inside municipal facilities, road green belts, etc..

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate

This project involves a total investment of 365.5 million dollars.

Ⅲ. Construction Conditions

This project has a planned covering area of 1500 mu, and a floor space of 900,000 m2. Ⅳ. Chinese Enterprise's Profile Now its construction is undertaken by Xingtai Roll Zhucheng Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (the company's corporate representative being Fang Hengshan).

Ⅴ.Cooperation Mode

The county government will be in charge of construction of the infrastructure as an auxiliary support, and investors enter the site for project contents except the infrastructure.


Contact persons: Lu Jiyu Ge Zhimin Tel: 86-319-3988006 3981186 Address: Zhucun Town Government, Xingtai County, 054001

59. The Construction of Zhao's King City Ruins Park Phase-2, Handan City

Ⅰ. Project Contents

Zhao's King City Ruins Park is located at the southwest of Handan City proper, and covers an area of around 8000 mu. Its phase-2 is mainly construction of landscaping, ecological water systems, man-made hill scenery, and cultural sights; simultaneously, eco-villages, landscape hothouses, business clubhouses, recreational facilities, tourist facilities, etc. are constructed to provide auxiliary services including conferences, accommodations, catering, and recreations.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate

This project involves a total investment of 42.4 million dollars, of which 17.54 million dollars is for construction of infrastructure such as Park roads and landscaping, and 24.85 million dollars for profit-oriented project contents. The proportion of investment coming from outside in the total is not restricted.

Ⅲ. Market Analysis

There are the four provincial capital cities of Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Jinan and Zhengzhou each with a population of more than 100 million within a radius of 300 km around the Park. This project after completion will receive tourists of around 2 million person-times yearly. Moreover, its incomes coming from hothouse visits, conference services, catering, accommodations, recreations, article (tourist souvenirs) selling, etc. will yield great financial results.

Ⅳ. Construction Conditions

There are convenient access to railways, highways, airports, etc.. The infrastructure such as water, power and telecommunication are available completely within the planned area; the national project of South-to-North Water Diversion exists to the west; the 876 mu Culture Exhibition Zone phase-1 has been completed. Now the Park has possessed conditions for cultural tours, business activities, ecological visits, recreations, etc.

Ⅴ.Cooperation Mode

1. The construction of non-profit infrastructure including Park roads, landscaping and water systems will adopt the mode of BT, and they will be bought back by us after completion and success in check/acceptance.

2. The profit-oriented project contents will adopt modes of sole venture or joint venture.


Contact person: Liang Hongbo Preparatory Office of Zhao's King City Ruins Park Construction Bureau of Handan City Address: 1 South Zhanlan Road, Handan City, 056002 Tel/Fax:86-310-3214333, 86-13603101896 Email: zwcyzgy@yahoo.com.cn

60. The Improvement of Zhaoyuan Scenic Spot (Phase-2), Handan City

Ⅰ. Project Contents

Zhaoyuan Scenic Spot is located at the northwest of Handan City, and covering an area of 1158.5 mu, once functioning as a place for Zhao State to drill troops and enjoy songs and dances during the Warring States Period in Chinese ancient times. Now the construction of infrastructure such as inside roads, landscaping, water systems, bridges, and night scene lighting has been completed; in 2008, it successfully passed the check and acceptance of state 4A scenic spot. Its phase-2 is mainly the improvement of cultural functions and leisure/recreational functions based on the currently available garden landscapes, involving construction of cultural sights and auxiliary facilities such as catering, accommodations, and leisure/recreations, with a view to making the Spot more commercial and participative, and function as a tourist attraction integrating culture, leisure and vacationing. It mainly falls into the below:

1. Maozhao Summer Resort (Water Amusement Park). A large water amusement park is constructed on the site of the existing swimming pool. It covers an area of around 30000 m2, and contains an open standard swimming pool, a kid pool and playground, a clubhouse, a coffee house, a restaurant, a multi-functional room, a control room and a fitness room, as well as water recreations able to meet requirements of fitness and recreation of local residents and undertake official contests. 2

. Business Clubhouse. The existing vacant lot of around 32000 m2 on the western side of Nine Palace Town is utilized for construction of a garden-like conference/vocation hotel able to accommodate 100 people for residing and 500 people for catering at one time. It possesses functions of conference reception, catering, business leisure, accommodation, fitness, indoor swimming, parking, etc..

3. Nine Palace Town Improvement. Nine Palace Town is an existing building consisting of nine palaces and a group of walls, covering an area of 22500 m2. Improvement of plants, buildings and infrastructure is made to create an outer appearance of primitive simplicity and elegance, and form a culture/leisure/recreation taste center with Handan's local distinctions.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate

This project involves a total investment of 14.62 million dollars, of which 4.39 million dollars is for Maozhao Summer Resort (Water Amusement Park), 7.31 million dollars for Business Clubhouse, and 2.92 million dollars for Nine Palace Town Improvement.

Ⅲ.Benefit Analysis

This project will yield an annual turnover of 13.63 million dollars, and profit 2.92 million dollars. Of them, Maozhao Summer Resort (Water Amusement Park) will have an annual turnover of 2.22 million dollars, and profit of 730,000 dollars (a profit rate of 32%); Business Clubhouse, turnover of 10.67 million dollars, and profit of 1.46 million dollars (a profit rate of 14%); Nine Palace Town Improvement (mainly for local visitors), turnover of 730,000 dollars.

Ⅳ. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture or others.


Contact person: Wu Rongfang Managerial Office of Zhaoyuan Park, Handan City Address: 58 Qiaoxi, Lianfang Road, Handan City Tel:86-310-4041610 4086777 Fax:86-310-4013030 Email:zhyjqb@163.com

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