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Infrastructure projects in Hebei call for bids

4. The Main City of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse Project in Zhangjiakou City

Ⅰ.Project Content

Construction place Yaojia fangzhen Zhangjiakou High-tech Zone, located in municipal sewage treatment plant south of the main urban area, covers an area of approximately 39.21 acres. Project utilized Main City sewage treatment plant effluent for re-processing, the treated reclaimed water available to Datang International Power Plant as cooling water in Zhangjiakou.

Engineering scale daily handling 60,000 tons of recycled water project a 30,000 tons / day of recycled water projects have been completed, two-building includes the following: the original 3 tons / day capacity of new renewable water 3 million tons / day, increase to 6 tons / day processing capacity.

Long-term planning: the construction of recycled water from the river to the landscape of renewable water pipelines and booster pump station, full-length of about 8.2km. The project construction period is from April 2010 to 2 O in October 2010.

At present the main city of Zhangjiakou City Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse Project 1 has been completed operations, two projects are ongoing preparatory work is scheduled to start construction in April 2010.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate & Financing

The investment in public works estimated 11.7million US dollars.

Ⅲ. Benefit Analysis

With the construction and development of sewage treatment facilities, sewage treatment capacity increased year by year, into a municipal wastewater re-use of resources, water resource gradually be taken seriously. Wastewater reuse is a reallocation of water resources, effective measures to increase the urban water supply capacity to achieve sustainable use of water resources. Through wastewater reuse to achieve dual water supply, is an effective way to solve the water shortage, not only can be used as supplementary sources of water river landscape, and in accordance with the principle of dual water supply can be used for industrial and miscellaneous life, with enormous social and economic benefits. The project put into production of recycled water produced by the direct sales to Datang International Power Plant in Zhangjiakou, the market outlook is better, risk, high return on investment.

Ⅳ.Chinese Enterprise's Profile

Zhangjiakou City, development and utilization of water in Jinchuan Limited January 13, 2009 incorporated registered capital of 5 million yuan, the legal representative for Li Guohui, the company is mainly engaged in investment in renewable water treatment projects, development and construction.

Ⅴ.Cooperation Mode

Joint venture, sole venture or cooperation.


Tel /Fax: 86-313-8029618

5. Zhangjiakou Integrated Logistics Park Construction Project

Ⅰ. Project Content

Zhangjiakou Tongtai Logistics Park is authorized by Hebei Province as an important construction project in 2009 (second batch). It is a domestic, large-scale, and comprehensive park, which located in Zhangjiakou Xishan industrial cluster district, with the planning area of 1,200 mu and building area of 350,000 m2. The project has two stages of constructions. In the first stage, from July 2008 to October 2010, public information platform, logistics and warehousing, stowage trading, comprehensive service and trade circulation areas, as well as large-scale musical fountain square, will be constructed. The project is progressing smoothly currently and some parts will be put into use this August.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate & Financing

The total investment in construction is $120 million. At the first stage, the investment of the project will be $50 million, including enterprise self-raised $30 million and $20 million bank loans.

Ⅲ. Market Analysis

Located in the junction of Hebei, shanxi, inner Mongolia and Beijing, Zhangjiakou has remarkable advantage in development of logistics. With the rapid economic growth in Zhangjiakou and the development in fuel, steel, machinery, cigarette, food and other leading industry, a comprehensive logistics base with large-scale and multi-function is urgently needed. Tongtai Logistics Park will explore the potential of Sino-Russian and Sino-Mongolian important trade channel, as well as the commodity collection and distribution by properly using its geographical advantages. The construction of the Park will benefit the expansion of domestic demand, development of the poverty-stricken areas around the capital and logistics in beijing-tianjin area. The Park will play an important role in the economic development in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Mongolia, the Shanxi provinces as well as Bohai Sea and outer Great Wall economic circle

Ⅳ.Construction Conditions

Tongtai Logistics Park is located between the Zhangjiakou city and the Wanquan town, neighboring to 207 State Road, 110 State Road, DanLa Highway and ZhangShi Highway, which provides convenient transportations and significant geographical advantages, All of the water supply, drainage, heating, electricity, telecommunications and other infrastructure facilities have already been set up.

Ⅴ. Benefits Analysis

According to the feasibility study, by the end of the designed period, the annual logistics operation can amount to 9.01 million tons and the annual operating revenue can amount to 40.13 million yuan, with the net profit of 20.24 million yuan. The internal rate of return of this project is evaluated as 4.1%, and the financial net present value as 23.16 million yuan, benefit-cost ratio as 1.05, and investment recovery period as 15 years. Sensitivity analysis and risk analysis show that the project has a better ability to resist risks and significant social benefits.

Ⅵ. Chinese Enterprise's Profile

The Zhangjiakou Tongtai International Building Materials Logistics Limited Company, was registered in June 2009, in the Zhangjiakou Trade and Industry Bureau, with the registered capital of 30 million Yuan. It is controlled by the Zhangjiakou Tongtai Highway Group Limited Company, based on the predominant sharing of stock. We provide service in general cargo, sales of steel, timber, cement and furniture, and construction of Logistics Park.

Ⅶ.Cooperation Mode

Joint venture, sole venture or cooperation.

Ⅷ. Liaison

Contact Person: Yang Kui (deputy general manager) Tel: 86-313-5989999, 86-15033608999 Email: ttjcwl@126.com

6. The Development Project along the Daijiaying River in Zhangjiakou City

Ⅰ. Project Content

Combining the river governing, the project will develop littoral 359,000 square metres .It will provide better infrastructure constructions, such as public road system , sewerage , power communication system , gas system , heating system . At the same time, the top level apartments, five-star hotels, malls and better environment will be built on the west of the river. At present, the project is in progress and it will be completed this year.

Ⅱ. Investment Estimate & Financing

The total investment is $70 million.

Ⅲ. Market Analysis

The Daijiaying River is one branch of the Yang River. It is named Yongding River (one branch of Hai River ) when it reaches Guanting,For many years, the runway is filled with garbage, silting-up silt and vegetation . It has about 2 million stere .This has reduced the row of runway and has threatened resident safety of both sides of the river. Therefore, it is necessary to govern it. Combining the river governing, it will develop 1000 mu of both sides of the river and improve the land utilization ratio. At the same time , Xiahuayuan will be brought into Beijing "life for half an hour circle "after Beijing -Zhangjiakou city railroad is bulit, It will take 30 minutes to Xiahayuan District . Convenient traffic and low price of the house will attract more and more people from Beijing to buy houses. It is estimated that the merchant living covers an area of 500,000 square metres.

Ⅳ. Benefits Analysis

The project can bring 176 million yuan, the investment profit rate is 18.42% and the investment return will be 4.46 years.

Ⅴ. Cooperation Mode

Joint venture, sole venture or cooperation.

Ⅵ. Liaison

Contact Person: Ma Yingtao (the headquarters office of Xiahuayuan District city and town change for 3 years) Tel: 86-313-5052536 Fax: 86-313-5052536 E-mail: Xhyqjsj2007@126.com

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