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Guizhou's efforts to improve lives paying off


Luo Yinghe, a National People's Congress deputy and Party secretary of Xinmin neighorhood in Huishui county, Guizhou province, used to live in village with no access to clean water, roads or the internet.

The guitar hero from Guizhou


Guitar is the hero in many genres of Western music — and also in a small, mountainous county in southwestern China.

Farmers grow way to prosperity


Government efforts to raise the living standards of poor people have focused on using modern agricultural techniques to kickstart China's vast rural economies

Guiyang pins hopes on manufacturing for revitalizing real economy


Chen Zugang, a technician from a Guiyang-based aeronautical fastener manufacturer, never expected that the rivets he processed could replace imports being used on domestically developed aircraft.

BaishanCloud going high with government support


Guizhou province enjoys massive economic growth and attracts skilled labor after launching major financial incentives to startup companies, Chen Hong reports.

Grassroots movements


Liu Guoyi,an 87-year-old man from Guizhou province, has voluntarily planted over 10,000 saplings over the last three decades.

Guizhou's springs become hot attraction at home and abroad


Hot spring attractions in Guizhou, a relatively undeveloped province in southwestern China, witnessed a boom in tourist arrivals during last month's Spring Festival holiday.

Guizhou ramps up efforts to become a big data hub


Guizhou, one of the fastest-growing provinces in Southwest China in terms of GDP growth, is aiming to become a big data hub, welcoming global investors to commercialize their emerging technologies.

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