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Foxconn bullish on future of 8K displays


Electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group has high hopes for its 8K display ecosystem, especially in the security, healthcare and manufacturing industries, according to a senior executive of the firm.

Keeping guitar market on a string


New York City’s Times Square is home to one of the most happening public-space advertising hot spots. That’s where Zheng’an International Guitar Industry Park, from Southwest China’s Guizhou province, displayed its advertisement on a giant electronic billboard for a week in January. The ad highlighted the park’s strong determination to expand its business overseas.

Expat bars lead Moutai push


On the eve of Chinese New Year in Bangkok’s trendy new W District night market, GermanPortuguese bar owner and whisky producer Julian Gebhard is pouring me a homemade baijiu cocktail he has just dreamed up.

Tongren brews up big tea opportunities


Tongren, a city in Guizhou province, plans to become a global center for matcha production, as its subtropical climate and unpolluted clean air are ideal for growing high-quality tea.

Giant radio telescope to reach even farther


China will finish upgrading the world's largest single-dish radio telescope next month to help scientists discover more stellar objects that are unique and farther from Earth, according to a project insider.

Asia's longest cave has many wonders


Shuanghe Cave in Guizhou province - which was named the longest cave in Asia on Saturday - houses a trove of wonders, including a lizardlike endangered species, 10 centimeters long, and fossils of vertebrates such as giant pandas and what appear to be rhinoceros, saber-tooth tiger and elephant remains.

New internet voice technique developed


China has developed a technique to identify internet users based on their voices.

The sign of a great teacher


Special education enters the spotlight as NPC deputy uses her hands to communicate in the language of the hearing-impaired.

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