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Tongren brews up big tea opportunities


Tongren, a city in Guizhou province, plans to become a global center for matcha production, as its subtropical climate and unpolluted clean air are ideal for growing high-quality tea.

Giant radio telescope to reach even farther


China will finish upgrading the world's largest single-dish radio telescope next month to help scientists discover more stellar objects that are unique and farther from Earth, according to a project insider.

Asia's longest cave has many wonders


Shuanghe Cave in Guizhou province - which was named the longest cave in Asia on Saturday - houses a trove of wonders, including a lizardlike endangered species, 10 centimeters long, and fossils of vertebrates such as giant pandas and what appear to be rhinoceros, saber-tooth tiger and elephant remains.

New internet voice technique developed


China has developed a technique to identify internet users based on their voices.

The sign of a great teacher


Special education enters the spotlight as NPC deputy uses her hands to communicate in the language of the hearing-impaired.

A toast from China to the world


I n the glitzy interior of one of the world’s most iconic hotels, a Chinese restaurant sits in the lobby. This is the magnificent Marina Bay Golden Sands Hotel in Singapore, and the restaurant belongs to chef-entrepreneur Huang Qingbiao

Guizhou ramps up big data push


Guizhou province is ramping up its efforts to become China's big data valley and a new innovation center with a plan to boost its digital economy that will see added value occupies 33 percent of total GDP by 2022.

Tea time


Farmers carry their hoes to a tea plantation in Mengxi village, Guizhou province, on Wednesday. 

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