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Funds pour into Fujian province to boost cross-Straits economy 2010-12-10
Central State-owned enterprises (SOEs) signed investment agreements worth 374 billion yuan ($56.2 billion) with Fujian province on Thursday, as part of the central government's efforts to invigorate growth in the economic zone.

China's high-speed rail network to take shape in 2012 2010-12-10
As of 2012, the mileage will exceed 11,000 kilometers, and the newly-constructed high-speed rail will reach 13,000 kilometers, mainly including lines between Harbin and Dalian; Wuhan and Beijing; Hefei and Fuzhou;

Cities see a new spike in real estate bubble 2010-12-09
China's top think tank has said that the country's real estate bubble has soared in urban areas, with the biggest gap between market price and actual value in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

Fuzhou to have 7 subway lines 2010-12-08
An overall length of 184.2 kilometers underground railway which consists of 7 subway lines carries out its construction plan in Fuzhou.

Agricultural forum opened in Fujian 2010-11-26
Food security is still an urgent issue for China and the key lies in the pursuit of a sustainable agricultural development, expert had said.

Jingjiang to heighten its economic and urban competitiveness 2010-11-23
Jinjiang is set to accelerate its economic transformation and speed up the process of building an economically powerful city.

Shoushan stone carving 2010-11-19
One thousand five hundred years ago, Shoushan stone was used for carving and subsequently served as a tribute. Shoushan stone is also one of the traditional Chinese "four seal stones".

Engineers' plan for Straits bridge ready by 2015 2010-11-16
There may be more than one way to skin a cat, and for engineers in Fujian province there is more than one way to build a bridge across the Taiwan Straits.

Fuzhou lacquer painting 2010-11-09
Artists applied the decoration skills for bodiless lacquerware to flat surfaces, creating a new kind of painting – lacquer painting.

E mainland city to build trading market selling Taiwan seafood 2010-11-15
East mainland city Fuzhou planned to build a large-scale trading market, where wholesalers from Taiwan would sell seafood directly to mainland customers, local authorities said Thursday.

A new scientific institution to come 2010-11-10
The cooperation with Taiwan Twenty-First Century Foundation to build the Cross-Straits Modern Agricultural Institution has been signed up.

E-commerce era enters Fuzhou 2010-11-03
The Cross-Straits E-commerce industry base will be located in the Straits Finance and Business District in Fuzhou, according to the Taijing District Government in Fuzhou on Nov. 1 this year.

Channel for cooperation, tunnel for integration 2010-10-28
The seventh Cross-Straits Information Technology Standard Forum opened in Fuzhou on Oct. 24th.

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